We all have right to make mistakes but I want to have my own career, claims Dusan Vlahovic

We all have right to make mistakes but I want to have my own career, claims Dusan Vlahovic

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Dusan Vlahovic



In light of comparisons to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Dusan Vlahovic has refuted the claims and instead said that comparing him to a player like Ibrahimovic is unfair and that he wants to make his own career. The 22-year-old had an excellent 2021/22 season, netting 29 goals for Juventus and Fiorentina.

With Dusan Vlahovic thriving for Fiorentina over the last eighteen months or so, nobody was shocked when Juventus shelled out nearly 70 million to sign the Serbian forward. That was despite serious interest from England, France and even Spain for a striker that had netted 41 goals for the club, including 17 in 21 league appearances in the first half of the season. Vlahovic’s form continued for Juventus, despite a dip, with him netting a further nine more in 21 appearances.

It has seen the young Serbian called one of the best young forwards around and a few have even compared him to Zlatan Ibrahimovic because of his size and technical skill. But Vlahovic believes that the comparison is unfair to him because of what Ibrahimovic has done in his career so far. Not only that, the 22-year-old admitted that he “wants to have my own career” and added that a very young player has the “right to make mistakes” in order to improve.

“Comparing players with great champions who have scored 400, 500 goals in their careers, who have won 20 or 30 titles, is probably a little unfair! It doesn’t annoy me but it’s also true that when those types of comparisons are made and then you make one or two mistakes and the expectations have been hyped then you get critiqued.  We all have the right to make mistakes; we are all human. I want to have my own career," Vlahovic told the Telegraph.

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