Have to say that Mikel Arteta is one of best coaches in world, proclaims Pablo Mari

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Arsenal defender Pablo Mari believes that Mikel Arteta is one of the best coaches in the world when it comes to creating game-plans as the Spaniard makes it easier for everyone to do their jobs. The defender is currently on loan at Udinese but added that he believes he still has a future at Arsenal.

Ever since Mikel Arteta took over as the Arsenal boss, there has been inconsistent performances from the Gunners even though they won the FA Cup in his first six months in charge. However, Arteta’s first full season saw the club finish outside a European place for the first time in over two-decades and it had many worried for the future. But the 2021/22 season has seen things change with Arsenal now competing for a top four place alongside Manchester United, Tottenham and co.

That has come about thanks to some smart acquisitions last summer and Arteta’s long-term vision has also played a key part which has seen many praise the Arsenal boss. So much so, that Pablo Mari believes that the Spaniard is “one of the best coaches in the world” because of the way he helps the players improve their own games. Not only that, the Arsenal defender added that his game has improved a lot just because he trained under Arteta.

“I have to say he is one of the best coaches in the world because when he does the game plan, I never see it like this. How he finds solutions for us and makes it easy to play the game: I've never seen something like this. That means he is an amazing coach,” Mari said, reported Goal.

"To give you the tools to play a game more easily, that's amazing because when you go to the pitch, you already have in your head the type of thing you have to do to play easy. He gave me the tool that if I can take three or four seconds before the ball arrives to me, I am going to have this three or four seconds to think for the next action." 

“For me, this was the key because I have time . He was the only coach to give me that tool and make football more easy. I play more easy and I can see another type of option that before I never saw because before, I never had time with the ball. So now at the moment, I put in my head another level because of ,” he added.

While Pablo Mari did sign permanent in the summer of 2020, the defender struggled to earn a consistent run of games this season especially after the arrival of Ben White. He made just three appearances for the Gunners and eventually left on loan to Udinese, with the Spaniard spending the remainder of the current season in Italy. Yet despite that, Mari confessed that he believes he has a future at Arsenal although he doesn’t know what might happen in the next few months.

“For me, of course it is possible. I never close that door. It continues to be my dream, playing for a big club in the world and for Arsenal of course. I played there for two years, I have two more years [on my] contract.

“Of course, it would be my dream, but at the end, I don't know. I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, I cannot predict what is going to happen next year. Would I like to be there? Yes of course, but I don't know what is going to happen. I want to be focused on now, in the present, what I can do now to enjoy again to play football and to feel again that I am a professional football player,” he further added.

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