FIFA’s main motive is about money and commercial interests, asserts Louis van Gaal

FIFA’s main motive is about money and commercial interests, asserts Louis van Gaal

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Netherlands head coach Louis van Gaal has hit out at the fact that the 2022 World Cup is being held in Qatar and believes that FIFA only cares about money and their commercial interests. The 2022 World Cup was awarded to Qatar and FIFA have come under immense criticism for doing so.

With the 2022 World Cup less than seven months away, reports have indicated that there is a genuine concern from FIFA that many fans won’t attend the tournament. That is especially in light of the various protests because of the human rights violation with the country not treating it’s migrant workers, that built the stadiums, properly. However, with several teams also chastising FIFA and Qatar, there is a growing concern that many sides will consider boycotting the tournament.

Amongst the list of teams is the Dutch FA (KNVB) with them heavily criticising FIFA and Qatar for the deplorable way they’ve treated the migrant workers. So much so, that Louis van Gaal has hit out at FIFA for awarding the World Cup to Qatar as he believes that they’ve only done it to improve their commercial interests and the money they earn. He also added that FIFA’s party line of improving and developing football doesn’t work because they could have done that years ago.

"Now, everybody knows that I find that ridiculous. It's ridiculous that we are going to play in a country - how does FIFA say it? - To develop the football there, to develop it better there. That is b******t. And how are you doing that? By organising a tournament in that country. But it doesn't matter, it's about money, commercial interests. That's the main motive of FIFA," Van Gaal said, reported Sky Sports.

"Why do you think that I'm not a member of the commission of FIFA? Because I have always taken my distance against these kinds of organisations. It's not right, but I can say this directly about Qatar, but this does not help the world get rid of this problem."

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