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featuresports2 months ago

Friday Fights | The Big ODI Fight - Imran Khan vs Kapil Dev

Two men who are held in high esteem by the cricketing world, Imran Khan and Kapil Dev were among the greatest bowlers, all-rounders and leaders of their era and shaped an entire generation in the sub-continent. In what is set to be truly an epic fight, both will exchange punches in the ring.  
Harshit Anand
featuresports10 months ago

Throwback Thursday | Courtney Walsh refuses to ‘Mankad’ Saleem Jaffer in 1987 World Cup

Welcome to a session where I tell you if you’re a fan of any sport you’re a victim of nostalgia. So, for everyone who holds reminiscence close to their hearts, we unravel our weekly special segment ‘Throwback Thursday’, where sportsmanship takes us on a sail - a trip down memory lane. 
Sritama Panda