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featuresports6 months ago

Friday Fights | The Big ODI Fight – Shane Watson vs Chris Gayle

If there is ever a battle of charismatic all-rounders, how could you even miss these two names? Chris Gayle and Shane Watson have totally different roles for their country but in a larger context, have something in common - identical records and immense respect in world cricket.
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featuresports7 months ago

What if Wednesday | What if Steve Smith never made his Test comeback against India

England complete an incredible 3-1 win over Australia to reclaim the Ashes but what does the future hold for Australia? Will Steve Smith go on to play another Test after a shocker of a series with the ball in his hand?
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featuresports9 months ago

What if Wednesday | What if CSK and RR were not banned in 2016 and 2017 season

In one of the great blips to the fantastic IPL narrative, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals - powered by two star-studded line-up and helmed by two of the greatest icons of Indian cricket - were banned for a couple of years. It gave rise to a conjuring narrative that could’ve been otherwise.
Bastab K Parida
featuresportsa year ago

Friday Fights | The Big ODI Fight - Shikhar Dhawan vs Shane Watson

One is India’s Man Friday for big occasions while the other is one of the most fiesty characters world cricket has ever seen. While the Aussie has bigger accolades in terms of tangible achievement as an all-rounder, it’s time to bring their batsmanship only into the ring to have a cracking bout.
Bastab K Parida