Rangana Herath and SLC deny DRS-Gate allegations

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Rangana Herath and SLC deny DRS-Gate allegations

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Rangana Herath and SLC have rejected the notion that Dilruwan Perera looked to the dressing room for advice before asking for a review. Herath, who was at the non-striker’s end, added that after overhearing him ask the umpire if the Lankans still had a review, Perera opted to challenge the decision.

The incident in question took place in the 57th over of Day 4 in the Eden Gardens Test. The last ball of the 56th over saw an in-swinging Mohammad Shami delivery striking Perera on his back-pad, in front of the off-stump. India’s appeals for a wicket were answered by the umpire who raised his finger and Perera started talking the long walk back to the pavilion. However, with the Indian players celebrating, Perera apparently had a change of heart and turned around and opted for a review.

"I mean it is simple as this. I was asking for the review from Nigel (Llong). Maybe Dilwruwan also heard that. That's it," Herath told reporters after the Day’s play, reported IANS. 

"I did not see him (looking towards the dressing room). I was talking to Nigel Llong."

As Nigel Llong allowed the review, the third umpire sided with the Sri Lankans and asked the on-field umpire to reverse his decision. Sri Lanka cricket was quick to issue a statement on the issue where they clarified what had transpired on the field during the incident.

"Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to clarify the ambiguity surrounding the DRS appeal of Dilruwan Perera during the 3rd day's play of the 1st Test in Kolkata earlier this afternoon. Contrary to the assumptions made, there was no "message from the dressing room" involved in the requested review,” the statement read. 

"Having mistakenly assumed that Sri Lanka were out of reviews, Dilruwan Perera had turned to leave the field when he heard Rangana Herath inquire from the on-field umpire Nigel Long if Sri Lanka have any reviews left, to which Long answered in the affirmative. It was then that Dilruwan requested the review.

"We wish to place on record that every single Sri Lankan player and official is not only strongly respectful and bounden to uphold the rules and regulations of the ICC, but plays their game of cricket under the ethics and principles of true sportsmanship and the Spirit of Cricket." 

Social media, Twitter, in particular, blew up as fans started comparing it to the now famous DRS-Gate incident that occurred in Bengaluru earlier this year. While Steve Smith rejected the whole incident as a “Brainfade”, Virat Kohli called his Aussie counterpart a cheat which set the tone for the entire series. This time around, however, when Bhuvneshwar Kumar was asked about the incident, he replied, "Unless there is any official word from the match referee and umpire we can't say anything. We don't want to comment on this as this would be inappropriate and jumping the gun."

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