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Gautam Gambhir and Deep Dasgupta bat for switch-hit; also want bowlers to be allowed to 'change arms' mid-way

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Gautam Gambhir and Deep Dasgupta bat for switch-hit; also want bowlers to be allowed to 'change arms' mid-way

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Former Indian cricketers-turned-experts Gautam Gambhir and Deep Dasgupta batted for the switch-hit but also demanded that bowlers should be allowed to change hands mid-way like a batter. It was Ian Chappell who had sparked the debate after Glenn Maxwell played few switch-hits against India. 

After former Australian skipper Ian Chappell termed switch-hit "unfair", there has been an ongoing debate whether the switch-hit should allowed in the game or not, despite the shot being deemed legal by MCC in 2008 when English batsman Kevin Pietersen first executed the innovative shot against New Zealand in an ODI game. Former Indian cricketers Gautam Gambhir and Deep Dasgupta batted for continuing with the switch-hit but at the same time, also demanded that bowlers should be allowed to switch-hands mid-way in their run-up. Right now, if a bowler does that, the ball is deemed dead straightaway as has been the case in India and Sri Lanka domestic cricket when spinners tried changing arms mid-way. 

Gautam Gambhir reckoned that switch-hit is pure innovation and not many people have the skill to execute the difficult shot and it should surely be allowed to function in the game.

"Switch-hit shouldn't be banned, its pure innovation, I would want that. I have played cricket, I never had the ability to play switch-hit, forget about the shot. I couldn't even pick the bat right-handed. I remember the first time I saw it was when I was fielding at the short-leg on the bowling of Harbhajan Singh and Kevin Pietersen played it, and I couldn't image someone could hit the ball so long with a switch-hit. There are not many people who can play the shot, when there is ability, why not allow it?," Gambhir said in a video uploaded by Espn Cricinfo. 

TV commentator Deep Dasgupta also agreed with Gambhir's take and acknowledged the skill required to play the switch-hit. However, he also added that in the same breath, bowlers should also be allowed to switch-arms mid-way through their run-up and it should be made legal.

"Completely agree with Gautam Gambhir, there are few people who can acquire the skill. Switch-hit has been around for a while, but not many people can play it, so allow it. However, also allow the bowlers to switch their arms, if a right-arm bowler switches his arm mid-way and bowl left-handed, if he can bowl accurately and be effective, so that should be allowed. Bowlers should tell whether they are bowling over the wicket or round the wicket, but not the arm they are going to bowl with. Switch-hit has been tried because its legal, so changing bowling arms should also be allowed and made legal too," Deep Dasgupta opined.

World Cup-winner Gautam Gambhir added that he agrees with Deep Dasgupta, and also demanded a new rule change.

"I completely agree with Deep's point. Also a batsman should be given out if the ball is hitting the stumps irrespective of where it pitches when it comes to LBW calls, you have to allow bowlers that. There is too much in favor of batsmen already."

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