Team is ready to fly and my job is to take handbrake off, remarks Jon Lewis

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England’s newly appointed women cricket team’s head coach Jon Lewis has showered praise on the side saying they are ready to fly and his job is just to take the handbrake off. He further added that having no experience in women’s cricket will not impact his performance in the role.

England women’s cricket witnessed a new development as Jon Lewis was appointed the head coach a few days back. His appointment was unexpected as several reports mentioned that Alex Stewart was the frontrunner for the role. Nevertheless, the team would have defined their long-term goals under the coaching of Lewis and winning the World Cup trophy would be at the top of that list. 

Speaking about his aim while coaching the team, Lewis stated that the side is ready to perform at its best.

“My pitch was, I was so excited about the lack of ceiling that the team has got. The team is ready to fly, and my job is to take the handbrake off and free the players up and get them to play to their full potential.” Lewis stated, reported the Guardian.

Lewis has prior coaching experience at Sussex Cricket club while having also worked for England. He was previously appointed as England's fast bowling coach and has worked with the likes of Jofra Archer, Mark Wood and Ben Stokes. Lewis stated that not having experience in women’s cricket will not play a part in his tenure. 

“You coach individuals, you don’t coach gender. I coached Jofra Archer a lot, but I also coached Mark Wood – two people from completely different backgrounds, and you coach them completely differently. You have to show each individual that respect,” he explained. 

The team will tour the West Indies next month for a white-ball series and they will be looking to come back with a win. 

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