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FIFA is 50 years behind and it won’t exist in ten years, proclaims Mino Raiola

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Mino Raiola represents Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba amongst others


FIFA is 50 years behind and it won’t exist in ten years, proclaims Mino Raiola

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Super-agent Mino Raiola believes that FIFA as an organisation has been fifty years behind and opined that within ten years football’s governing organisation will shut down. The agent, who represents Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba, further added that there should be a new system in place.

While there has been a lot of criticism surrounding FIFA’s actions especially over the last six months or so, few will deny the impact that organisation has made over the years. However, with football changing immensely, alongside other sports, over the last decade or so, there have been calls to bring an end to FIFA’s reign and place a new system in charge.

But while that has gone nowhere so far, despite multiple corruption charges being brought against football’s governing organisation, Mino Raiola has once again brought the issue to the front. The super-agent, at the recent at the World Football Summit, hit out at FIFA for the way they’ve run the game and confessed that they are outdated. Raiola further added that in his opinion, the organisation won’t exist within the next ten years or so.

"FIFA is 50 years behind. FIFA in 10 years, you can write it down, won't exist anymore. The golf association doesn't have a FIFA and golf is being played in the whole world. Tennis is changing. Formula 1 is changing. There is a problem with FIFA: they divide jobs, they divide money and that's how they keep everyone happy,” Raiola said, reported ESPN.

"MLS did it. MLS created 20 years ago a new system. MLS 20 years ago said we have nothing to do with FIFA. Nothing. FIFA said that MLS was something ridiculous. You know what they did? FBI arrested half of FIFA and they gave them the World [Cup]."

However, while the super-agent praised the MLS’s independence and the way they’ve run their organisation since they re-founded themselves, he doesn’t buy into the salary caps rule. Raiola admitted that he is very against salary caps as it takes football back years into the past. He further added that “we are living in a capitalist world” and thus players need to be paid what their talent demands.

"How can you cap a talent? How can you cap a talent if tomorrow [Diego] Maradona walks in and you say 'I need you, I want you to play for my audience,' that should be a salary cap? We are living in a capitalist world, where we do everything in a capitalist way, but Gianni Infantino wants to go back to North Korea. I have no problem with North Korea, but go live in North Korea and not in Switzerland,” he added.

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