Super League is project that will implement financial controls which are respected, asserts Florentino Perez

Super League is project that will implement financial controls which are respected, asserts Florentino Perez

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Three clubs remain in the Super League



Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has defended the European Super League and has claimed that the project is the only way to defend and enforce a proper financial fair play rules. The Super League was officially created in April but imploded soon after with nine out of the 12 goals pulling out.

Following the financial hit that the COVID-19 pandemic had on football clubs across the planet, it had many wondering how the bigger sides would cope. That question was soon answered when the Super League project was introduced to the world in April 2021, with 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs looking to create a breakaway league. However, the plan imploded less than a week later when nine out of the 12 clubs withdrew from the project but three have stubbornly continued on.

Yet with UEFA forced to withdraw their case against Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid, it has seen the three clubs continue to defend their stance and position in the Super League. That has continued as Florentino Perez has pushed the position even further, as he claims that the project is the only way to implement proper “financial controls”. He also added that it will help stop the current method, which is driving “football into financial ruin”.

"It is a project that will at last implement financial controls which are strictly respected and prevent the increasing proliferation of unacceptable situations in which clubs receive indiscriminate financial support from states or other sources. This practice unbefitting of the European Union adulterates competition and drives football into financial ruin," Perez said, reported Sky Sports.

The Real Madrid president didn’t stop there as he hit out at UEFA for their case and revealed that European football’s governing body threatened clubs, which is not the way things are done. Perez also revealed that the UEFA president, Aleksander Ceferin, insulted presidents and confirmed that the nine clubs that withdrew can’t do so as they’ve signed contracts.

"Clubs were threatened with sanctions unbefitting the rule of law and club presidents were insulted. How is it possible for the UEFA President to publicly insult the president of Juventus, one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs, with words I am incapable of pronouncing here?"

"The pressure and threats exerted by UEFA reached such an extreme that nine of the 12 clubs had to publicly announce their will to withdraw from the project regardless of the binding commitments they had signed and which could not be legally broken,” he added.

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