Iranian footballer Omid Singh expresses desire to play for India

Iranian footballer Omid Singh expresses desire to play for India

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Football player Omid Singh is willing to give up his Iranian citizenship in order to represent India as a person of Indian origin (PIO). This is according to an exclusive report in the Times of India newspaper; Nonetheless, Singh has already been given the chance to represent India.

Igor Stimac, the head coach of the India national team, had spoken with the player in 2019 and urged him to sign with the Blues. Omid, the son of a Punjabi father and an Iranian mother, was hesitant to seek for an Indian passport at the time. Since then, these reservations have been dispelled.

The athlete told TOI through an interpreter, "My heart is with India, with the Indian people, and I would love to be in India and represent the country. If Omid's 2020 transfer to Kolkata giants East Bengal occurred, Stimac would undoubtedly consider him as one of the choices. Omid will need roughly an year to obtain his passport.

"It's unfortunate that they did not honour the contract. By the time there was clarity, the transfer window closed, and I could not join a new team," Regarding his missed chance with the Red and Gold Brigade, Singh stated.

The football player claims that a powerful mafia controls the Iran national team and chooses their favourites while making it challenging for half-Iranians like Singh to make the team.

The 30-year-old is now an unsigned free agent since no team has offered him a contract. He sees this as a protest against the circumstances and climate that exist in his nation at the moment. He reiterates that moving nations and starting to play football as soon as possible would be in everyone's best interest.

Baljit Rihal, who represents the footballer, approached the AIFF on behalf of his client. "I have been an advocate for the inclusion of PIOs for many years as I believe including players from top-level leagues will make an instant impact. I would urge the AIFF to support him in his quest as I believe his inclusion would be to the betterment of the national team," Rihal told TOI.

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