FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup | Coach Thomas Dennerby defends Indian team after poor loss to the USA

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India's opening match at the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup ended in an 8-0 loss to a much stronger USA squad. Following the game, head coach Thomas Dennerby spoke to the media and discussed his team's surprise performance; the coach still believes that the team still has a lot to offer.

"I know team India can play a bit better than this. I felt that the girls were too nervous, playing their first World Cup match. We weren't even trying to pass the ball to each other, but defending and sending the ball away," the coach summarised. The Swedish player thinks that his squad can prove their worth to all of India when they play Morocco in their upcoming game, despite the setback.

"I told the girls that if the Sun will rise in India anyway. If you have a sleepless night then we won't be able to perform against Morocco. I'll be there tomorrow morning with a smile and try to encourage the girls," Dennerby said lifting the team's spirits.

About two of the eight goals allowed were the result of corners. He was quite honest when he remarked, "I was a little bit surprised because we usually defend our set pieces well, but obviously that wasn't the case today.”

Although the coach had praised his team's progress against Sweden a few weeks prior in Spain, he did admit that the USA was of a higher calibre. "I didn't expect us to concede so many goals. If you look at our match against Sweden, we defended well and created some chances. But honestly, USA was just one level up, at least," he concluded.

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