Five reasons why Premier League is the best league in the world

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Five reasons why Premier League is the best league in the world

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The numerous reasons why the Premier League is considered as the toughest league in the world which also makes it the most followed football league worldwide. From the top managers, the intensity, the busy schedule all culminate to make the English top-flight the best league in the world.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich have all dominated Europe in the recent years with the English sides struggling to compete in Europe. The last three Champions League titles have been won by the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Add to the fact that the last three Europa League titles have been won by Sevilla exhibits the dominance of Spain in European football.

However, the question is, what is more enticing - one team winning the league by March or April, often the case with Bayern in Bundesliga and PSG in Ligue, or a host of teams locking horns thus stretching the title race till the last week?

1. The virtuoso managers

Last few years have seen the best breed of managers join the Premier League. From Jurgen Klopp to Pep Guardiola, some of the most talented managers have flocked to the Premier League. No league in any corner of the world has more quality managers on the sidelines. Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, Marucio Pochettino at Tottenham, the list never ends.

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While the enigmatic Klopp with his full-throttle football approach has reignited Liverpool and made them a genuine title challenger once again, Antonio Conte has revitalized Chelsea as they lead the race this season with 49 points after week 20. It is the same Chelsea who were 16th in the table at the same point last year with 20 points, three points from the relegation zone.

Be it Pep’s tiki-taka, Klopp’s gegenpressing, Wenger’s quick-short passing game, or Ranieri's Italian tactics, each manager has brought in their own style of play, only making the Premier League more exciting to watch.

2. The ruthless competition

Leicester City finished 14th in the 2014-15 season with 41 points. They went on win the Premier League title next season. Calling it a fairytale would be an understatement. From nearly being relegated to becoming Champions, Leicester City's win became a remarkable story, surely not to be forgotten in the near future.

Can the same happen in the Bundesliga or La Liga? Probably not.

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The competition for the Premier League title is always in a regular mix with at least five or six teams in the hunt. This season looks no different as point difference between the top five teams is a mere eight points. Although, La Liga has Real Madrid - a team of Galácticos, and Barcelona - a team with the best front line in the world, it is a two-horse race. Same is the situation with Bundesliga, Bayern Munich being the point in this case. The situation in Serie A  is even worse, Juventus winning the Scudetto for the last five consecutive years.

Four different champions in the last four years flaunt how competitive the Premier League is, not a monopoly or duopoly.

3. The tireless schedule

The Premier League begins from August and stretches all the way till the end of May.  Although there are a few international breaks and domestic Cup games during the year interrupting the Premier League, it is usually a fully packed schedule, teams playing week-in and week-out.

The feature separates the Premier League from the other leagues is the long breaks. While there is a winter break in Bundesliga and other leagues, there is no such word as “break” in the Premier League’s dictionary. With a flurry of games during the Christmas and New Year Eve, they offer a festive feast for the football fans. These games prove to be a decider not only in the title race but also in the relegation battle often producing the best drama of the season.

4. Local derbies and growing rivalries

El Clásico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) is considered to be the biggest rivalry in the football world. The North London derby, Merseyside derby, Tyne-Wear derby, West Midland derby, surely fails to match the popularity of El Clasico. But in terms of intensity and magnitude, it offers the same taste.

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The Liverpool-Manchester United clashes are an epitome of English rivalry. The players and fans of the two clubs absolutely detest each other. It is the most followed match worldwide, second only to the El Clasico. Last few years has seen new rivalries blooming in the Premier League, Liverpool - Man City and Chelsea - Manchester United for instance. In Fact, any match between the top six is treated nothing less than a rivalry for the fans.  

With England being a densely populated country accommodating so many football playing cities and towns, it offers a treasure of local derbies and rivalries often throwing unexpected results, always proving to be a treat for the fans worldwide.

5. The Premier League style

From“park the bus” tactic of Sunderland, “pass long ball” style of Stoke City to the “heavy-metal football” of Liverpool, the Premier League has them all.

Teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool believe in the traditional attacking game with swift movements and quick one-touch passes. Whereas Chelsea and Man City recent success boil down to their systematic and organised play. Mid and lower table teams like Swansea City, Burnley and West Brom prefer a defensive approach to the game.

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It’s the blend of the different playing styles which makes the Premier League so captivating. The pace and tempo of the Premier League set it apart from the other leagues. The ferocious tackling game still remains the trademark of the Premier League.

Once you get used to the Premier League style of football, it’s difficult to go back to anything else.

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