I have always enjoyed the hospitality in Pakistan, says Mohinder Amarnath

I have always enjoyed the hospitality in Pakistan, says Mohinder Amarnath

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Former Indian all-rounder Mohinder Amarnath has stated that the hospitality that he received in Pakistan during his playing days was amazing. He also recollected some of his memories about his father and former cricket captain Lala Amarnath and mentioned that he was fascinated by Chandu Borde.

Mohinder Amarnath will be always remembered as the Man of the Final of the 1983 World Cup. Amarnath was one of India's best all-rounders during the 1980s. He recollected few of his memories and mentioned about the tours to Pakistan during his playing days. He played 69 Tests and 85 ODIs for the Indian team.

"India-Pakistan series were always very special. You always had people admiring you, home or away. That is very encouraging and we liked the attention. The hospitality in Pakistan was was also amazing. I remember a family I met in Lahore. They would take me to their home for khana-peena (food and drink) and the daughters, who were young, would pray for me: " Hum yehi dua karte hai ki Mohinder acchakare par jeete Pakistan(We pray that Mohinder does well but Pakistan should win),” Mohinder wrote in TOI.

He also wrote about his father Lala Amarnath and the memories associated with him. The former all-rounder recollected that he was always fascinated by Chandu Borde and his cricketing skills when he was young.

"My father was a legend, and we had heard so much about him  from other people while we were growing up. I never really got an opportunity to watch him play in his prime as I was very young when he retired. I did get to see him in action in some exhibition matches and I could visualize what a great player he must have been. He was always my role model,” said Mohinder.

"I was also fascinated by Chandu Borde. I had heard about him from Dad, and radio commentators, and liked his style. Although there were some fantastic players in the '60s, this was the one name that stuck with me. He was a fantastic batsman, and had a particular style of bowling leg-spin before the shoulder injury."

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