IPL 2023, RR vs DC | Twitter reacts as Yashasvi Jaiswal's embarrassing schoolboy error lets off David Warner

IPL 2023, RR vs DC | Twitter reacts as Yashasvi Jaiswal's embarrassing schoolboy error lets off David Warner

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Yashasvi Jaiswal was ecstatic after taking the catch only to be disappointed later on



Cricket is a game of fine margins and subtle rules, most of which are easy to follow but breaching them can lead to dire consequences. Yashasvi Jaiswal learned that lesson first-hand on Saturday as he failed to stay within the bounds of the inner circle, leading to a wicket being declared a no-ball.

Rajasthan Royals were well on their way to sealing an emphatic victory over the Delhi Capitals in Guwahati with the Delhi Capitals still 62 runs short of a mammoth target of 200 with just two targets to spare. However, the side had the opportunity to finish off proceedings slightly earlier having scalped the all-important wicket of David Warner in the 17th over, only for all their hard work to be thrown to waste by Yashasvi Jaiswal's lazy demeanour on the field.

The Australian opener, who was well set on 59 off 49 deliveries and was up against Murugan Ashwin on the penultimate ball of the over. Warner read a googly off the leg-spinner's hand and attempted to clear extra cover with an inside-out shot in order to up the ante but failed to connect properly with the ball. The Kookaburra stood up high in the air, allowing Jaiswal to station himself under it at the edge of the 30-yard circle before completing a simple catch. The veteran walked off in disappointment, well aware his team was resigned to a loss thereon, but was suddenly signalled to pause near the boundary lines.

In a surprising turn of events, replays showed that before the ball was delivered, Jaiswal had failed to back up enough and was still stranded beyond the ring when the willow made contact with the white rock. The umpires had no choice but to call Warner back to the crease and award the side a no-ball as well. Jaiswal was clearly left embarrassed and dismayed by the saga, almost as if aware of the stick he was getting on Twitteratti for his antics.

That was masssive error!

How can one play vs eleven!

He did what all he can!

That was what?

Other pkayers need to show up a bit!

Yes! We know!


So harsh on one player like David Warner!

He is quality player!

No it was more like a hope!

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