Super League was not coup d’etat but warning cry for system on verge of collapse, asserts Andrea Agnelli

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Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are still a part of the Super League


Super League was not coup d’etat but warning cry for system on verge of collapse, asserts Andrea Agnelli

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Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has continued to defend the Super League and has admitted that it was never a coup d’etat but a warning call from a system that needed it. The Super League was created by 12 of Europe’s biggest sides but was soon suspended after 75% of the founders withdrew.

While the creation of the Super League shocked and awed football and the world, the way it was quickly disbanded showed the way football could bring people together. However, while nine out of the 12 founders withdrew within days of the announcement, three still remain in Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, with them still keen on the project. That has seen UFEA launch disciplinary proceedings on all three sides, with them looking to launch sanctions.

However, in light of the disciplinary proceedings, it has seen all three clubs defend their stance and the fact that they’re still a part of the Super League. It also saw Andrea Agnelli admit that things need to change in European football and it has to happen before the system collapses. The Juventus president further added that there’s an inefficient system in place right now that needs to change.

"I remember a proposal from 2019 between the ECA [European Clubs Association] and UEFA, which I thought was excellent, and in fact was supported by clubs in the second, third and fourth division. You cannot help but recognise European football is concentrated into a monopoly of executive, economic and juridical power, reserving UEFA the almost arbitrary responsibility of assigning licences," Agnelli said in a press conference, reported Goal.

“The system is nowadays inefficient. The Super League was not a coup d’etat, but a desperate warning cry for a system that was already on the verge of collapse before the pandemic, and is heading towards a state of insolvency."

The three clubs – Real Madrid Barcelona and Juventus – have released strong statements that have condemned UEFA’s decisions since the creation of the Super League including the disciplinary proceedings. That hasn’t gone down well with European football’s governing body and it saw Agnelli add that the three clubs have only asked for proper communication. But the Juve president also hit out at UEFA and called them arrogant with an attitude that needs to improve.

“The clubs always asked for communication with UEFA, who reacted by slamming the door shut and making grave, arrogant threats towards the three clubs who remain in the Super League, totally ignoring the verdict of the tribunal in Madrid and awaiting the verdict of the European tribunal. We can assure that the legal basis for the project is solid.

“This sort of attitude from UEFA is not how you reform football. Our desire for dialogue with UEFA and FIFA is unchanged. Other sports modified their format over the years, such as the basketball Euroleague, bringing great benefits to fans, clubs and players.

“Almost all stakeholders maintain football has to be reformed, yet those who do make proposals are demonised. Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona intend to continue with our proposals, also in solidarity with those who were too afraid to stick to them," he added.

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