Don’t tolerate mediocrity and I don’t tolerate us failing to strain to get better, asserts Stefano Pioli

Don’t tolerate mediocrity and I don’t tolerate us failing to strain to get better, asserts Stefano Pioli

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AC Milan boss Stefano Pioli has revealed that he expects all his players to keep getting better and improving because there is little room to anything else. The Italian also added that he believes that having fun while playing is key to helping the younger players improve while also being committed.

With he was appointed as an interim coach, the results under Stefano Pioli’s tenure was undeniable and it saw the Italian boss eventually appointed as AC Milan’s permanent manager. Neither party has since looked back with as the Rossoneri finished second last term although they were the leaders of the pack for large parts of the season. That finish also meant that they would play Champions League football for the first time in years, even though they finished bottom in the group.

But the results in the league continue to be beyond impressive with Stefano Pioli a large reason that has happened with him nurturing Milan’s young squad into their prime. However, the Italian manager admitted that he takes no nonsense from the youngsters and wants to see them keep improving every game. Pioli also added that he does offer positive support and is a pillar for the players but always asks them to offer more on the field.

“I don’t tolerate mediocrity. And I don’t tolerate us failing to strain to get better. If I see players who are demanding of themselves, who are getting better through their own attitude, their own work, then I become more of a, I wouldn’t say a friend, but I give positive support. When I don’t see that level of strain, I have to ask more,” Pioli told the Guardian.

The former Inter Milan coach inherited a team filled with young and talented players but they were all far from the finished product with that slowly but steadily changing over the years. It saw Pioli admit that the main reason that has happened is because he wants his side to have fun while playing on the field. The Italian added that he does expect seriousness and commitment from everyone but also wants to see them enjoy their game.

“At the beginning, it worried me a little. Later I realised that this really was something that just comes out while he is playing, simply what his face does. Then it was beautiful. It’s beautiful to be yourself.

“Having fun is fundamental. That’s a thing that we look for. We try to be as serious as possible, committed and professional. But football is passion, enjoyment. When you train lads who are very young, you need them to put their enthusiasm on the pitch,” he added.

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