WATCH | Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli discuss declaration while being 100 meters apart

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WATCH | Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli discuss declaration while being 100 meters apart

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In cricket, the relationship between a coach and captain is important in deciding how well the team performs. On Day 5 of the first Test between India and Sri Lanka, the camera captured Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri effectively communicating while being at least a 100 meters away from each other.

The first Test match which affected by rain saw many up and downs throughout the five days with some a lot of talking points. Be it the controversial fake fielding, DRS-gate-II or the time-wasting tactics by the Sri Lankan players, there was always some action on the field. 

As far as India were concerned, the match also showed the understanding that Kohli shares with head coach Ravi Shastri. The incident in question occurred after the end of the 85th over of India’s second innings when the teams took a drinks break. At the time India had already put up a massive 321/7 on the board with Kohli batting at 86 while his partner, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, had added 8 runs to the cause.

During the break, Kohli signaled Shastri to so as to get an idea of how to approach the game. In reply, Shastri raised his hands while signalling two fingers and a zero. While some outlets suggested that it was Kohli asking about whether to declare, it was more of a question about what needed to be done at that point of time. 

While it was evident that Shastri wanted the batsmen to attack the Sri Lankans so as to put up a score that the Sri Lankans would struggle to chase down, what the gestures meant are open to interpretation. Sanjay Manjrekar, who saw the whole process from the commentary box, tried to decode the conversation between the duo.

Manjrekar explained that Shastri might have been telling Kohli that he had another twenty minutes left to bring up his century as the declaration was on the cards. He also stated that the coach could have been asking Kohli to try to add another twenty runs to the scorecard, so as to take it out of the visitor's hands.

Both scenarios could have been true as over the next 3.4 overs 31 runs to take the score to 344/8. On the fourth ball, Kohli hit a Suranga delivery for six and completed his century in a grand style. Once the celebrations had been done, India immediately declared their innings, handing Sri Lanka a target of 231 to win the game.

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