Axar Patel to make just 6.75 crores despite being Punjab’s lone retention

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Axar Patel to make just 6.75 crores despite being Punjab’s lone retention

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Even though Kings XI Punjab let go of 12.5 cr after retaining just 1 player, in the shape of Axar Patel, in the retention event, he will not be paid the same amount. According to the rules set-up by the IPL, a retained player would be paid the same amount of money that he had been making earlier.

Keeping this in mind, Axar will still be paid the same 6.25 crores that he was earning last season. The case remains the same for other franchises as well. Despite spending a cool 33 crores from their 80 crore spending budget, Delhi will actually be shelling out just 22.1 crores on the salaries of Chris Morris (7.1), Rishabh Pant (8), Shreyas Iyer (7).

But they aren’t the only ones who will save some money on salaries. Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals in retaining Sunil Narine and Andre Russell, and Steve Smith respectively have made their franchises a small fortune as well. While KKR will spend just 15.5 crores on their two players, the Royals will save 50 lakhs due to Smith’s remuneration since the player’s salary is 12 crores.

However, RCB’s case is slightly different. Despite playing Virat Kohli 17 crores to remain a part of the side, they still managed to save some dough thanks to the retention of Sarfaraz Khan, who they will have to pay just 1.75 crores. Eventually, RCB will not only have 2 crores more than all the other franchises, that retained three players, they will also have a saving of 1.75 crores in their total salaries paid.

Chennai and Mumbai, though, will end up using up their entire 80 crore budget if they decide to spend freely in the final auction.

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