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Twitter reacts to furious Virat Kohli blasting Kedar Jadhav for refusing to run easy single

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Twitter reacts to furious Virat Kohli blasting Kedar Jadhav for refusing to run easy single

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There are small crimes, big ones and then there’s what Kedar Jadav did today. After Kohli tapped the ball down to the off-side for an easy single, Jadhav, despite his skipper being halfway down the track, turned down the call, infuriating the Indian captain who blasted him for the same.

Virat Kohli, during a chase, is a man on a mission and the one thing you don’t want to be doing, especially being a teammate of his, is infuriate him by doing something silly. Earlier today, it was Kuldeep Yadav who upset the Indian skipper by not sticking to the plan. A livid Kohli, in response, tore into the young spinner for his actions, giving a timely reminder and reason to all his teammates to not goof up simple things.

But well, the memo clearly did not reach Kedar Jadhav, who committed a heinous crime whilst batting. Post the dismissal of Rishabh Pant, the onus was on Jadhav to provide able support to his skipper by rotating the strike. And he obliged, taking three singles off his first four deliveries. But things took a turn for the worst in the 37th over. 

After having collected just 4 runs off the first 5 deliveries of the Keemo Paul over, Kohli, being the set man, was desperate to keep the strike and pounce on the next over. And as Paul bowled a good-length delivery outside off-stump which was kind of rising towards the batsman, Kohli tapped the ball with soft hands towards point, looking for a single. However, after the skipper took off for a single and strode forward, Jadhav, who was at the non-strikers’ end, declined the single.

The ‘NO’ from Jadhav agitated Kohli who, after making his way back to the crease, blasted the 34-year-old for refusing what looked to the naked eye like an easy single. A visibly frustrated Kohli kept raving about the missed opportunity for a good few seconds, making it clear to Jadhav what he did was unacceptable. 

If anything, both Kuldeep and Jadhav have taught their teammates a lesson today: never disobey your captain - at any cost.

Here is how Twitter reacted to the incident

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