Cape Town ball-tampering incident can be seen as an aberration, admits Michael Holding

Cape Town ball-tampering incident can be seen as an aberration, admits Michael Holding

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Michael Holding, who was part of the commentary team for Cape-Town test when the infamous ball-tampering incident happened admitted that it could be seen as an aberration. He also was not entirely convinced from what he saw whether David Warner and Steve Smith learnt anything from the experience.

In 2018, during the Newlands Test, Australia dealt the entire world with a blow - the sandpaper gate. One that was detrimental in the next year of Australia’s cricketing history, including their series loss against India at home. Opener Cameron Bancroft was involved in the incident, alongside skipper Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner. 

Following the fiasco, Cricket Australia handed a year ban to the leaders in the dressing room - Warner and Smith and limited Bancroft to a six-month ban from professional cricket. Former West Indian great Michael Holding was right at the scene when things unfurled in front of the world. He revealed that the incident can be seen as an aberration to cricket. 

"The ball-tampering incident ... can be seen as an aberration. It can be dismissed as the failure of a handful of players. However, to think this would be mistaken. We have spoken with players who are reluctant to challenge the errant behaviour of their team-mates - just in case it puts them off their game and leads to a loss,” he said, reported Sportstar. 

The ban limited the duo from any cricketing action, while only making their return in grade cricket. Their first appearance in a global tournament came in Canada, where Smith was back to his best with the leg-side flicks and hoick. Holding, however, does not think that the duo have become better from experience. And, it was because of the advertisement that Smith did during the ban, referring to the Vodafone advertisement that he was part of. 

"I remember seeing an advertisement that Smith did while under suspension, intimating his involvement in the scandal which in my opinion was in poor taste. It didn't suggest to me that there was any remorse. I don't know either gentleman so can only go by what I see."

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