‘If the law allows me to do something, will definitely do it’ says Harshal Patel on rule changes by MCC

‘If the law allows me to do something, will definitely do it’ says Harshal Patel on rule changes by MCC

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Harshal Patel has scalped 11 wickets in 8 T20Is so far



Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) recently made changes in the laws of the game including making mankading a legitimate dismissal. India pacer Harshal Patel has revealed that he plays to win within laws of the game and so he will be doing everything the laws allow him to do in order to secure a victory.

MCC recently updated the laws of the game and it included some major changes. Barring Stuart Broad most of the players have expressed their satisfaction over the rule changes. India pacer Harshal Patel is also happy with the changes. These changes will also clear the debate around the spirit of cricket. 

During the 2019 World Cup final between England and New Zealand the ball deflected off the diving Ben Stokes’ bat and raced towards the boundary. It was a game changing moment for England to win but it also sparked the debate around sportsmanship. During last season of IPL R Ashwin opted for a run after the ball had hit Rishabh Pant’s arms. Citing these examples Harshal Patel has said that he plays to win and will do everything permitted by law to win. 

"Let me give you an example. People say you shouldn't run after a throw hits the bat. Did you do it on purpose? No. But say, if you're playing the World Cup final, and you need a run to win and the ball deflects off the bat, are you not going to run? If you're not and stay consistent in that situation, then it's ok, that's your call, but I will always run because I play to win and do it within the laws of the game. If the laws allow me to do something, I will definitely do it," Harshal said to Hindustan Times.

Several bowlers have expressed their joy as mankading has been converted into a legitimate run-out. The debate first started in IPL 2019 when R Ashwin ran out Jos Buttler at non-striker’s end for backing too much. Also, the use of saliva is permanently banned from the game. Harshal expressed his happiness over the run-out decision but reserved his thoughts on saliva ban. 

"I can't say much about the saliva thing because I haven't played a lot of red-ball cricket in the last two years. But yeah, if you are playing in cold conditions, people who don't sweat, what are they going to do? How are they going to shine the ball? So that question remains to be answered for sure. And the Mankad thing, I felt it was a very absurd thing for us to discuss as a cricketing community because if it's in the rule book how can it be against the spirit of the game?" he stated.

Harshal is gearing up for the upcoming season of the IPL and will be looking forward to replicating his performance from the last season. He picked 32 wickets in the last season and was the highest wicket-taker of the season. He has been picked for Rs 10.75 Crore in the mega auction by RCB. Harhsla revealed that he wants to improve himself in the shortest format of the game. 

"I feel like I have all the building blocks of a good T20 bowler or any format for that matter. I want to get tighter, accurate, and consistent with my execution because I have been playing the game at the professional level for the past 12 years. So, I understand and read the game and situation well,” he opined.

“I have my strengths and weaknesses. I will continue to add different dimensions to my skillset. Like utilising angles or maybe developing another slower ball, which I can add to my armoury. Mentally, I want to be more consistent in thought. I believe consistency in action will bring about consistency in the result. I want to continue to live by the idea."

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