ICC World T20 | Twitter reacts to Virat Kohli and Shakib Al Hasan displaying prolonged bromance after petty disagreement

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In the modern era where franchise leagues are dominating worldwide, players often develop friendly relationships which get reflected on the international stage as well. Even so, few interactions have been as wholesome as the Virat Kohli and Shakib Al Hasan shared involving hugs and shared laughter.

On Wednesday at the T20 World Cup against Bangladesh, Virat Kohli further extended his good form by notching his third fifty of the tournament. Despite playing some glorious shots throughout the innings, the incident which caught perhaps the most attention during his long stay at the crease was something completely unrelated.

In the 16th over of India’s innings, Hasan Mahmud bowled two bouncers over the batters’ heads, forcing the on-field umpire to call a no-ball. However, Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan was not pleased with the umpire’s call and approached him to have a chat. Kohli, who was on strike before the umpire’s call, saw Shakib coming and tried to explain the ball was well above his head. Shakib though was not interested to have a chat with the Indian talisman and reverted to Kohli’s approach with a polite laugh.

The Indian batter, who had initially suggested to the square leg umpire that it should be called a no-ball with an extended arm, returned the laugh as the two hugged out the small misunderstanding. The interactions created a wholesome atmosphere, which was further enhanced when Shakib told Kohli that he had no problem with him regarding his gesture towards the leg-umpire but was instead questioning the official’s call.

What a moment in cricket!

All smiles in the end!

Easy bruh!

Looks funny! Not so clear on it.

This is second time in tournament!

Hahaha! Power of King.😅

Watched it!

Great scenes from the match!

Loved it! Hahaha :D

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