ICC World T20 | Twitter reacts to Virat Kohli turning into ‘Nostradamus’ with unnervingly confident ball tracking prediction

ICC World T20 | Twitter reacts to Virat Kohli turning into ‘Nostradamus’ with unnervingly confident ball tracking prediction

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Virat Kohli played a knock of 50 runs against England



The two hallmarks of greatness in sports are often confidence and unparalleled reading of the game. In cricket, there is no better epitome of it than a full-of-belief Virat Kohli, who remained unfazed in the face of England’s DRS appeal for LBW and took guard before the decision was even made.

India once again find themselves reliant on a certain Virat Kohli to save a sinking innings against England in the semi-final of the ongoing World T20 after the entire middle-order failed to provide the team impetus. Struggling at 62/2 at the end of the powerplay, the team found itself in even deeper trouble when the in-form Suryakumar Yadav departed for a paltry 14 in the 12th over.

Nevertheless, Virat Kohli stayed steady on the other end throughout the fall of wickets and looked set for another of his heroic innings only for a brilliant delivery to nearly end all hopes in the 16th over. Replacing Mark Wood, Chris Jordan delivered a searing yorker on the second ball that crashed into Kohli’s toes and left the 33-year-old reeling with all four limbs on the ground. The Three Lions went up in unison and even though the umpire shook his head in denial, Jos Buttler immediately went upstairs given how close the ball was to the stumps.

Waiting for the ball tracking to show up, the big screen flashed a replay of the incident while Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya chatted in the middle. Even though it looked as if the decision could swing either way, a confident Virat Kohli simply walked back to his crease to take guard after one quick look, convinced of his survival. Hawk-eye eventually showed a part of the ball was hitting the stumps, therefore announcing it as umpire’s call ensuring the talisman survived.

Twitterati was quick to applaud the genius of the batter for his keen understanding of the game and the little time he took to judge the ball’s trajectory, just one small facet of what makes Kohli great as he ended up with his fourth half-century of the tournament.

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