SA20 | Tournament will improve young guys coming through, opines Jacques Kallis

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Jacques Kallis is of the belief that SA20 will be helpful in the improvement of youngsters coming through the ranks in South African cricket. Kallis also added that the league will provide the South African national team with greater depth and they can produce great results in the future.

With the rise of franchise cricket around the world, South Africa have also come up with their own T20 league named SA20. The competition will feature international players from top sides and it will also provide a platform for South African cricketers. Former South Africa cricketer Jacques Kallis has been also associated with the league being the assistant coach of the Pretoria Capitals. 

“Having international players and coaches is also certainly going to provide a good product. It is going to improve the young guys coming through. With everything being televised, it’s a great opportunity for the guys to put their name out there, whether it be for international cricket or other leagues around the world. What better stage for these young guys to put their hand up in this competition?” Kallis explained at the launch of the SA20 league, reported Indian Express.

South Africa’s exit from the T20 World Cup 2022 after suffering an upset against the Netherlands exposed several flaws in the team. They faltered once again in a crunch situation of a World  Cup game and were knocked out of the tournament from an almost sure spot in the semi final. Their campaign showed that the team might need to change a lot of things and Kallis believes that the SA20 will help to improve South African cricket massively. 

“I think South African cricket has been crying out for this for a long time. I think we’ve seen the wonderful job it’s (franchise league cricket) done around the world in terms of how the local competition has improved cricket,” he remarked.

 “I have no doubt it’s going to be the same here and everyone is looking forward to it. The standard will be very high.” 

 The league will start with the opening fixture to be played between MI Cape Town and Paarl Royals on January 10. 

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