BGT 2023 | Twitter lauds Rohit's sacrifice during horrible mix-up to save Pujara in his 100th Test

BGT 2023 | Twitter lauds Rohit's sacrifice during horrible mix-up to save Pujara in his 100th Test

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Rohit sacrificed his wicket in Delhi to keep Pujara in the middle.



Despite playing as teammates for decades, terrible mix-ups while running between the wickets occur even at the highest level of the game. However, Rohit Sharma on Sunday was mindful of the fact that Pujara was playing a landmark Test and thus sacrificed his own wicket after a miscommunication.

Chasing 115, Rohit Sharma gave India an aggressive start against Australia in the second Test at Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi. The Indian skipper, despite losing his partner KL Rahul early, scored 31 runs off just 20 balls, lacing his knock with three fours and two sixes. However, the manner in which he was dismissed attracted a lot of attention.

During the seventh over of the innings, Rohit nudged Matthew Kuhnemann’s tossed-up delivery in front of square on the on-side. Cheteshwar Pujara, playing his 100th Test, decided to push for two runs and even though the skipper initially reciprocated, he eventually stopped and turned back. However, Pujara had already crossed Sharma and gone well past the mid-way mark of the pitch by then, thereby leaving him unaware of the situation at hand.

Rohit showed great maturity to instantly acknowledge the mistake was his, and given the fact it was also a special Test match for Pujara, the 35-year-old decided to walk away in disappointment. The scene looked extremely ugly given two of India’s most senior batters were at the crease but Rohit’s decision of sacrificing his wicket even when he looked in supreme touch was lauded by many.

No need for that!

Selfless skipper

Sacrificed wicket

What is his mistake!

Not Pujara's fault

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Should have stayed back

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