VAR has been successful with respect to offsides, admits Gary Neville

VAR has been successful with respect to offsides, admits Gary Neville

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Pundit Gary Neville has given his point of view on the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) after the technological system has invited a lot of criticisms. He spoke on a range of topics after YouGov's survey revealed only one in 25 football fans think VAR has 'worked very well' in the Premier League.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Former Manchester United player Gary Neville has discussed the pros and cons of Video Assistant Referee (VAR). YouGov conducted a survey with 1419 adults across Great Britain who watch matches regularly, revealed just four per cent of fans believe VAR has worked 'very well' and one in four thinks the technology has 'worked well'. Neville provided his views on the technology and whether it is a failure in the Premier League. He was asked about whether the referees should be given a time limit for making decisions after consulting with the VAR room.

“If you introduce one-minute limits, for a VAR referee in Stockley Park or a referee going over to the pitch side screen, let's say at one end of the pitch there are 15 cameras, they can't look through each angle. You don't want to miss an angle because of a time limit. For me, a bit of patience to get the right decision is more important than putting a time limit on it. I don't see the point in accuracy being compromised by a time limit. We're in broadcasting, and we get those first three angles and think something is a penalty, and then we might see the fourth angle and think: 'Oh, I'm not sure.' And then we'll see the fifth angle and think: 'That's not actually a penalty!' So a time limit is something I wouldn't support.” said Neville to Sky Sports

There have been huge controversies this term in the league regarding decisions from VAR. Most recently, VAR caused outrage in the Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur game when a penalty was awarded to City 2 minutes after the foul was committed. The penalty was saved by Hugo Lloris and as Lloris moved to collect the ball, Raheem Sterling reached the ball and could looked to be fouled by the French keeper. However, referee Mike Dean neither booked Loris for foul nor did he charge Sterling for simulation. 

“VAR has been a success in respect to the accuracy of decisions, particularly with offside and penalties. My feeling, however, is that they need to think more about the fan experience in the ground. I've watched Champions League games this season where the manager has walked over to the pitch side screen, the fans know what's going on and they're not left in the dark. For me, if the referee is going over to check the decision, fans will feel like they're being brought on the journey and process. Hearing what referee and Stockley Park officials are saying in the stadium is also bringing the fan into the experience. At the moment it is too attached.” added Neville.

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