Would love to see Tim Paine play again, says Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley

Would love to see Tim Paine play again, says Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley

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Tim Paine has taken an indefinite break from the game to focus on his mental well-being


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Cricket Australia chief executive Nick Hockley has said that wishes to see Tim Paine making a return to the national Test side. Paine had resigned as the Test captain and later opted to take a break from the game to focus on mental-health, after a texting scandal from 2017 had resurfaced last month.

Tim Paine had tearfully resigned as Australia’s Test captain and later decided to take a break from the game to focus on his mental-health, following the emergence of a texting scandal that involved a Cricket Tasmania female staff-member back in 2017. Pat Cummins replaced Paine in the leadership role days before the start of the first Ashes 2021-22 Test in Brisbane.

Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley wished to see the wicketkeeper back in action for the national side “as soon as possible”.

"Would love to see him play again, for both his state and for Australia," Hockley told SEN. "We want to see him back out there, playing and performing, as quickly as possible."

CA copped severe criticism in recent times over its handling of the issue, after Paine had been cleared of charges regarding the same back in 2018, before it all resurfaced last month. Cricket Tasmania chair Andrew Gaggin said that the treatment Paine received was the worst since Bill Lawry’s sacking as captain back during the 1970-71 Ashes. Lawry, who captained Australia in 25 Tests, had learned of him being sacked from the role via the media.

"At a time when CA should have supported Tim, he was evidently regarded as dispensable. The treatment afforded to the Australian Test captain by Cricket Australia has been appalling, and the worst since Bill Lawry over 50 years ago," Gaggin said.

Hockley however, defended his organisation’s approach, as he extended his full-support to Paine.

"The head coach has been down to see him, we've had members of our high performance set up go down to Tassie. The Tasmanian cricket community have put their arms around him," Hockley said. 

"We are all very, very concerned - to make sure that Tim is well supported. A lot of respect for Tim for owning his mistake and our job now is to really support him."

While Hockley maintained that Paine had decided to step down as captain on his own terms, he labelled the decision as one "that the board felt was appropriate".

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