Failure to find high-profile full-time coach is slap on Pakistan’s cricket system, opines Misabah-ul-Haq

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Misbah-ul-Haq has lashed out at Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB) for their inability to find a high-profile full-time coach saying it is an insult to the cricketing system in the country. He also added that the board always backs foreign coaches but not local ones and that should change.

Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) search for the director of men’s cricket teams is expected to come to an end with the reappointment of Micket Arthur according to several media reports. Arthur had worked with the team as their head coach between 2016 to 2019 and the board is believed to be close to agreeing to a deal with him in the new position. Notably, Arthur doesn’t want to leave his Derbyshire job and so it will run concurrently with being the Pakistan cricket team’s director. 

However, former Pakistan cricketer Misabh-ul-Haq has heavily critisized the board saying it's a slap on Pakistan’s cricket system that PCB isn’t able to find a high-profile full-time coach. 

"It's a slap on our cricket system that we are not able to find a high-profile full-time coach. It's a shame that the best ones do not want to come and we insist on having someone who is looking at Pakistan as a second option,” Misbah said to ESPNcricinfo.

"I blame our own system, which is vulnerable enough with so many weak lines for anyone to exploit it. We are to be blamed ourselves that we have disrespected and discredited our own people to make a bad image. The present and former lot don't respect each other, with media and former players using their own YouTube channels for ratings, damaging the credibility and value of our cricket which, as a result, gives an impression that we are not capable.”

Several former cricketers have been reluctant to join an authoritative position for the Pakistan cricket team in the past due to the internal working culture. Wasim Akram is one of the examples who had always preferred to work on a short-term role away from public scrutiny and has stated that the captain and coaches of the national teams receive unnecessary abuse from everyone. Inzamam ul Haq has worked as the chief selector but decided to not take the role for long-term. Misbah stated that the board supports foreign coaches over local ones and the scenario should change. 

"PCB is always ready to back foreign coaches but never supports the local ones. They are fond of having overseas coaches because they think locals can easily be politicised and are incapable. But do we know it's the PCB bureaucracy who politicised the structure? They throw the local ones under the bus when they come under pressure and there has never been accountability of this bureaucracy in PCB. It's the mismanagement and the consistent changes at the helm that is a problem and we are never able to find one solid line for our cricket,” he explained. 

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