IND vs NZ | Twitter rages at Tom Latham's cheap bail flick tactic leading to false Pandya dismissal

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Technology often serves the purpose of bringing accuracy into cricketing decisions but sometimes it goes horribly wrong as errors in umpiring decisions continue to occur. Hardik Pandya was involved in a bizarre dismissal on Wednesday as he was adjudged out even after the ball missed the stumps.

India were on top of proceedings against New Zealand in the first ODI after 40 overs as Shubhman Gill scored a century to take the team to a formidable total of 251/5. Hardik Pandy also contributed with 28 runs but his knock concluded with one of the freakiest dismissals the cricketing world has witnessed in recent times. 

Hardik was on strike in the 40th over against Daryl Mitchell and decided to guide the fourth ball toward the point region. However, the batter missed the attempted late cut due to the extra bounce. As the ball rattled into Latham’s gloves, a bail came off and the visitors immediately appealed for the dismissal.

The umpires went upstairs to check on the incident but the replays painted a completely different picture than first perceived by the officials. The slow motion footage clearly showed that the Kookaburra has missed the stumps. However, Latham’s gloves had flicked the bail while collecting the ball over the wickets, leading to confusion. 

Yet, in a shocking decision, the third umpire adjudged Pandya out much to his shock. Interestingly, this was not the only instance in the game when Tom Latham pulled of such a trick. In the over after the incident, Latham again dislodged the bails with his gloves albeit the third umpire was sharp enough to see beyond the tactic employed by the wicket-keeper this time around.

Fans made a note of these incidents and questioned the dismissal of Hardik Pandya on Twitter. 

This is what happens when umpires smoke coriander :X 

Very very poor decison!

has to take some action!

How is it even out?

Great gloe work behind!

Ok boss!

Super human being, Tom Latham :o

Very bad decison in international cricket :|

No rules!

He's goin' to get trolled for his entire life!

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