IPL 2024 | Twitter reacts to stunned Avesh as Kuldeep snatches catch despite Samson's desperate call

IPL 2024 | Twitter reacts to stunned Avesh as Kuldeep snatches catch despite Samson's desperate call

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Cricket is the perfect blend of excitement, skill, and camaraderie. The scene unfolded during the Punjab Kings versus Rajasthan Royals match in Mullanpur where a catch initially summoned by Sanju Samson was snatched from his jaws by adjacent fielder Kuldeep Sen leaving Avesh Khan frustrated.

After losing the toss, Punjab's opening batsmen Jonny Bairstow and Atharva Taide kicked off with a strong performance hammering 13 runs off the second over delivered by Kuldeep Sen. The partnership appeared promising as they added nine more runs in the third over, bowled by Trent Boult, with the scoreboard reading 26/0 after three overs. Yet, the turning point arrived in the fourth over when Avesh Khan claimed Taide's wicket, sparking some amusing moments on the field.

On the fourth ball of the fourth over, Avesh delivered a short ball to Taide prompting him to step down the pitch for a pull shot. However, the 23-year-old Vidarbha batsman only managed to get a thick outside edge sending the ball towards the short third region. As it went skyward, Sanju Samson dashed towards his left, signalling for the catch. Meanwhile, Kuldeep Sen, already stationed at short third remained focused on the ball's trajectory and went for it, oblivious to Samson's approach. Despite the potential for a collision, Sen successfully secured the catch from the jaws of Samson with the Rajasthan skipper narrowly avoided interference. With a smile, Samson reassured Sen that he had called for the catch. Amidst the amusement, Avesh observed the scene with a hint of irritation before returning to bowl the next delivery.

Twitter exploded with reactions to the Samson-Kuldeep confusion igniting discussions across social media platforms.

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