My exit from Bayern Munich had nothing to do with Erling Haaland, asserts Robert Lewandowski

My exit from Bayern Munich had nothing to do with Erling Haaland, asserts Robert Lewandowski

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Newly signed Barcelona star Robert Lewandowski has hit out at Bayern Munich for the way his transfer saga developed and admitted that his exit had nothing to do with Erling Haaland. The Bavarians were reportedly in talks over a move for Haaland which reportedly upset Lewandowski enough to leave.

After a sensational eight-year spell at Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski signed for Barcelona this summer and brought an end to his chapter in the Bundesliga. However, the move and the deal were far from easy as both Lewandowski and the Camp Nou side spent most of the early part of the summer engulfed in a transfer saga. That saw a lot of criticism fly both the Pole and the La Liga giants’ way as they struggled to get a move over although in the end, the 33-year-old sealed a €50 million transfer.


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However, despite that, reports indicated that Lewandowski was upset at the way Bayern handled his future at the club as they targeted a move for Erling Haaland before he left for Manchester City. But in light of that, the 33-year-old striker has refuted those claims and instead revealed that his leaving Bayern had “nothing to do with Erling Haaland”. He also added that the last few months saw a lot of people speak lies about him including the higher-ups at Bayern.

"[My exit] had nothing to do with Erling . I am the guy who even if something's not good for me -- the truth is more important. I don't want to speak about what happened exactly. But if the question is if the decision to move was because of him, no, I didn't see the problem if he joined Bayern Munich,” Lewandowski said, reported Goal.

"But some kind of people doesn't say to me the truth, say something different. And for me, it was always important to be clear, to stay true, and maybe for a few people that was the problem. And in the end, I know that something doesn't work well with my personality as well and I knew that, OK I see and I feel that maybe it's a good time to move out of Bayern Munich and join Barcelona."

The Polish forward also revealed that he had an excellent relationship with his "teammates, with the staff, with the coach" and that's exactly what he's going to miss but Lewandowski added that he has "open a new chapter in" his life and a "new chapter in my career". Not only that, the 33-year-old added that he believes he is "in the right position, right place" to keep his career ticking forward.

"I had a very good relationship with my teammates, with the staff, with the coach, and these are all things I'm going to miss because I spent a beautiful time there. And we were not only friends from the pitch but also something more. But in the end, this chapter is over and I open a new chapter in my life and a new chapter in my career.

"So I feel that I'm in the right position, right place. So everything that's happened in the last maybe few weeks before I left Bayern Munich, that was also of course a lot of politics. The club tried to find an argument why they can sell me to another club because before it was difficult to explain maybe to the fans. And I had to accept that even though it was a lot of bullsh*t, a lot of sh*ts said about me. Not true, but in the end I knew that the fans, even in this period, still support me a lot,” he added.

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