We will give Manchester City proper fight but each game is final now, claims Jurgen Klopp

We will give Manchester City proper fight but each game is final now, claims Jurgen Klopp

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has issued a challenge at Manchester City and promised them a fight till the very end but also added that every game is like a final for his team. The Reds cut City’s lead at the top down to just one point after a 2-0 win over Arsenal with nine games left in the season.

After Manchester City pulled away in October and November, many believed that the Premier League title race was over by December although in the three months since things have changed. Pep Guardiola’s side have faltered on a few occasions, dropping key points, which has allowed Liverpool to fight their way back into contention and now the Reds sit just one point behind. A 2-0 win over Arsenal on Wednesday saw Jurgen Klopp’s side slice the lead at the top down and it has stunned a few.

However, with nine games left for the two title contenders, the race for the title is far from over although Jurgen Klopp believes that every game now will be like a final for his team. But despite that, the German asserted that they will give Manchester City a proper fight until the very end and that includes when they face Guardiola’s side in a few weeks. He also added that while having momentum is good, they need to be wary and keep on their toes going forward.

“We play City in three or four weeks and then we will give them a proper fight. I don’t think a lot about City, that’s the truth. I know the only chance we have is to win an incredible amount of games because our opponents do. In last few years we’ve pushed each other on insane levels,” Klopp said, reported the Guardian.

“It makes each game a final. You can enjoy that for sure but it’s intense, then comes in the physical part and you are tired. Momentum is the most fragile flower on the planet. Someone steps on it and then it’s gone. I’m not a big friend of momentum. Just find a way to get through it.”

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