We knew that Luis Diaz would fit into squad immediately, claims Jurgen Klopp

We knew that Luis Diaz would fit into squad immediately, claims Jurgen Klopp

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed that the Reds believed that Luis Diaz would fit into the squad immediately for them which is why they made the move in January. The Colombian arrived from Porto during the winter transfer window and the 25-year-old has already won over his critics.

With Tottenham overly keen on signing Luis Diaz in January, many expected Spurs to get the deal over the line after reports indicated that they were in negotiations with Porto. However, the North Londoners failed to complete the move which opened up room for Liverpool to swoop in and sign the Colombian forward. But there were a lot of questions asked especially given that Diaz was coming in from Portugal but the Colombian has answered his critics so far.

That is despite netting just two goals for Liverpool although they have come in the forward’s adaptation period with his performances on the field impressing more than a few. It saw Jurgen Klopp praise the 25-year-old as he revealed that the reason they signed Diaz was because the club saw something special in him and his quality. Klopp also added that Diaz’s adaptation has been quick because he came over from Porto full of confidence and it helped make the transition easier.

"Every coach would say the same about a January signing. You do it, but if you could, you would do it in the summer. There is a reason why you sign a player. The reason is the quality that he has. The reason is the way that he is playing the game. With Luis, where it has been really special is that when we saw him we knew that he would fit in immediately,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“That is really difficult usually but because he did not have to change, that is why we have a really confident boy here. He was in a really good moment with Porto, playing good for Colombia, and so he came here full of confidence. 

“But what we tried to make sure is that he does not lose that because of the playbook as we tell him that he has to do this and he has to do that. We want him to be natural,” he added.

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