Would have had lot of confidence had I bowled against Virat Kohli, remarks Wasim Akram

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Wasim Akram has remarked he would have had a lot of confidence had the got the chance to bowl against Virat Kohli in his prime. Akram has further explained what would have been done against Kohli if he had the chance, adding he would have had plans A and B against Kohli to keep him on the backfoot.

There have been plenty of cricketers coming out of different generations to showcase talents before becoming the best in their respective departments. Wasim Akram, widely regarded as 'the King of Swing', is one of the who was at his very best in the 80s and 90s, and even in the 2000s. On the other hand, there is Virat Kohli, who was arguably the best batsman across formats in the last decade.

Akram, during a chat on the 'To Be Honest' show by Nashpati Prime, was asked what he would have done if he got the opportunity to bowl against Kohli. The Pakistani great replied he would have got all plans sorted against Kohli and kept dominating him until he got the wicket.


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"I would have had a lot of confidence. If he came to bat at 3 or 4, it means two wickets down. If he is new to the crease, then I would attack. Will make the ball pitched on middle stump, and swing it away, or towards him," Akram remarked on the 'To Be Honest' show by Nashpati Prime.

"If that doesn't work, I would switch to Plan B, which would be bowling the bouncer. Place the fielder in the deep and then put him back inside… making several such small chances are important to get the better of him."

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