Twitter reacts to Wasim Akram losing his cool after asked about Mohammad Rizwan’s ‘lip balm’

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Fans of Pakistan cricket are not having a great time at the moment as close defeats to India and Zimbabwe have left them reeling in the ongoing World Cup. So when Wasim Akram was asked a question about Mohammad Rizwan’s ‘lip balm’, he ended up going on a funny rant that left Twitter amused.

Coming to Australia, Pakistan were considered to be one of the better teams in the World Cup. There was even some chatter about them winning the entire event on the back of an impressive bowling unit. However, they got off to a torrid start after losing to arch-rivals India in a thriller. The best possible solution for them was to face one of the “minnows” to get on the board and that is exactly what the schedule offered them in the form of Zimbabwe.

The Pakistan team, however, failed to impress and suffered their second loss of the tournament as Zimbabwe beat in them in yet another thriller. The loss meant that Pakistan’s chances in the tournament were left hanging by a thread. Speaking on a show where Wasim Akram was answering some questions from fans, he was asked about why Mohammad Rizwan’s wears ‘lip balm’ when no other player was doing so. Akram was in no mood to answer the question that had nothing to do with cricket and went on a hilarious rant. 

“This is such a random question. It doesn’t even… What does this have to do with cricket? Are you so vele (jobless)? Do you have so much time on your hands? I can’t answer this c**p,” replied an animated Akram. All the presenter could muster was one word - Okay. 

Twitter took notice of the same and were out in numbers to poke some fun at Akram.

Lol! This is why living still😂🤣

Would ask the same!

Ehh bhagawan aapki leela aparam paar hi!😂🤣😂🤣


But why would they pick these kinda questions to discuss?😂🤣

Come let's make 1+1=3 😂


He sounds so stressed!😂🤣

Waaah bete wahhh!!!!😂🤣

Because they lost against #Zim in last game!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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