Barcelona becoming champions over Real Madrid is wrong, admits Thibaut Courtois

Barcelona becoming champions over Real Madrid is wrong, admits Thibaut Courtois

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Real Madrid star Thibaut Courtois has confessed that Barcelona becoming La Liga champions over them is not right especially with the Los Blancos doing better than their rivials. With the chaos that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, the La Liga are looking at potential plans to end the season.

The coronavirus has caused problems on a global scale and that includes all sports across all categories with the world on a complete standstill. While things are slowly getting back to normal, football clubs and their associations across the world are suffering from a major financial blow. The lack of funds running through clubs without matchday and broadcasting income has caused a problem and it has seen many end their league seasons.

That includes the Dutch top tier, the French top tier and the Belgium top tier but the Premier League, the La Liga, the Serie A and the Bundesliga are all keen on a restart. However, while the La Liga has planned for a restart, reports indicate that they’ve also planned for an event where the season cannot restart.

That has seen Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois admit that Barcelona cannot be handed the league title if the season cannot be restarted.  The former Chelsea star has admitted that since the Santiago Bernabeu side are just two points behind, it would be wrong to give their rivals the trophy.

"We are two points behind Barcelona, so it's still possible we can be champions. It would be unfortunate if the season were cancelled. If they decide to stop the competition and Barcelona are named champions, I wouldn't find it completely right. They drew once against us and lost once, so we showed them that we're a better team," Courtois said in an interview on his website.

“We're two points behind them, but I wouldn't agree with that. In England, I could understand if Liverpool become champions. I don't know how many points ahead they are. I'd like to finish the season. I think a championship is based on all the matches that have to be played. It's 11 games too early to decide on the champions."

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