Want to stay at Liverpool but it is in their hands and not mine, reveals Mohamed Salah

Want to stay at Liverpool but it is in their hands and not mine, reveals Mohamed Salah

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Mohamed Salah has scored 23 goals this season



With just eighteen months left on his contract, Mohamed Salah has admitted that he does indeed want to stay at Liverpool but the decision to do so is in their hands and not his. The Egyptian has been a revelation since signing for the Reds, netting an incredible 148 goals in just 229 appearances.

Few players have thrived the way Mohamed Salah has for Liverpool with the forward scoring goals at will ever since he arrived from AS Roma. That includes this season as well with Salah netting an incredible 23 goals and 11 assists in just 26 appearances, a tally that includes 27 goal contributions in the league in just 20 appearances. It has seen many claims that the Egyptian is the best player in the world right now and at the moment, few are arguing against that.

However, Salah’s current contract expires in the summer of 2023 and reports have indicated that Liverpool are yet to reach an agreement with the forward. But it is not because of Salah as the 29-year-old admitted that he wants to stay but the decision to do so is not in his hands but in Liverpool’s. He also added that he isn’t asking “for crazy stuff” despite rumours indicating that he wants wages upwards of £500,000-a-week.

“I want to stay, but it's not in my hands. It's in their hands. They know what I want. I'm not asking for crazy stuff. The thing is when you ask for something and they show you they can give you something because they appreciate what you did for the club,” Salah told GQ.

“I've been here for my fifth year now. I know the club very well. I love the fans. The fans love me. But with the administration, they have told the situation. It's in their hands.”

The Egyptian’s success over the last half-decade has come despite being rejected by Chelsea and shipped off to Italy, with Salah attributing that to his will to succeed. He also added that he is willing to do everything he has to do to succeed and is willing to change in order to achieve that.

“When you feel that your dream is slipping away, you want to do everything to get it. Whatever it takes to succeed, I will do it. People are always happy with where they are. People have their routine or their comfort zone or whatever they want to call it. They don't like to change. That's who we are as humans. People suffer for years because they don't want to change. But for me, like: No. I needed to change,” he added.

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