Respect everything Tottenham do but I don’t like that kind of football, claims Jurgen Klopp

Respect everything Tottenham do but I don’t like that kind of football, claims Jurgen Klopp

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp hit out at Tottenham’s tactics against them and admitted that while he respects what they and Antonio Conte do, he doesn’t like that kind of football. The North Londoners produced a defensive masterclass to ensure that they walked away from Anfield with a point.

With Tottenham facing Liverpool, having already beaten Manchester City earlier on in the season, many expected the Reds to have a tough fight ahead of them. That was especially given that the home side had endured a gruelling mid-week game against Villarreal and it showed. Because while Liverpool dominated possession and had Tottenham pinned inside their own half for most of the game, they struggled to break them down.

It saw Spurs take the lead, via Heung-Min Son, before the Reds found the equaliser, via Luis Diaz, although those would be the only two goals scored. That meant that Liverpool do go top of the table but they dropped points and it saw Jurgen Klopp be very critical of Tottenham’s gameplan. The German hit out at the defensive plan that Conte put out and admitted that he doesn’t “like this kind of football”. Klopp also added that while he “respects everything they do”, he wouldn’t ask his team to play like that.

"I am sorry, I am the wrong person to ask about [Spurs' defending] because I don't like this kind of football. But that is my personal problem. I think they are world-class and I think they should do more for the game,” Klopp said, reported Sky Sports.

"It's a game against Liverpool, they have 36 per cent possession. But that is my problem. I cannot coach it. So that is why I cannot do it. World-class players, block all the balls. It is really difficult. Atletico Madrid is doing it. Fine, whatever, absolutely fine, it's just I can't. But yes I respect everything they do. But it's not me."

"It was the expected game. It was always clear that Tottenham would show up like they show up, with all the individual quality they have and the game-plan they have, it was clear it would be incredibly difficult."

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