Now it’s really two finals and it’s most exciting time of my career, proclaims Jurgen Klopp

Now it’s really two finals and it’s most exciting time of my career, proclaims Jurgen Klopp

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Ahead of Liverpool’s final Premier League game, Jurgen Klopp has confessed that the next two games have made this the most exciting time of his career as his side have two finals to play. The Reds face the prospect of lifting the league title and Champions League trophy in less than a week.

Having slashed down a 12 point gap to only one, it has many Liverpool fans believing that their side could potentially outdo Manchester City to the league title. However, while City do have the advantage on the final day, should they drop points and Liverpool win their final game against Wolverhampton Wanderers then the Reds will lift the title. But the permutations and combinations doesn’t end there as things could be decided via a playoff final if certain parameters are meet.

Not only that, the Reds play in the Champions League final next weekend against Real Madrid and it has Jurgen Klopp very excited at the fact that his side play two finals. The German admitted that “it’s the most exciting time of my career” and that their next two games are “absolutely massive”. Not only that, he added that it shows how “good the boys” have been to get this far.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few exciting times. If you ask my missus she asks why [does it] always go down to the last match. It happens incredibly often. It’s the most exciting because seeing how good the boys are and seeing the steps that we’ve made and just two games to go. It’s unbelievable,” Klopp told the Guardian.

“It feels like five minutes ago it was seven games. Now, wham, here we go to two finals. We’ve played finals since ages, but now it’s really two finals. It’s absolutely massive. It’s the most exciting time of my career.”

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