Ravi Shastri’s tolerance for players was very little as coach, reveals Dinesh Karthik

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Speaking on Cricbuzz's docuseries Summer Stalemate, Dinesh Karthik talked about how Ravi Shastri had zero tolerance for failures when he worked as Team India’s head coach. Karthik further added that Shastri always used to push everyone to do better and ‘was a larger-than-life person’ as a coach.

India saw a huge amount of success -- particularly in Test cricket -- under Ravi Shastri's tenure as their head coach. Under his leadership, they reached the final of the inaugural World Test Championship (WTC), and also snatched a back-to-back series win in Australia. Also, India's sharp rise of fast bowlers began in his era and now, it has gone to another level.

In Cricbuzz's docuseries Summer Stalemate, Dinesh Karthik shared Shastri's few principles as head coach with everyone. Karthik revealed Shastri wanted players to bat on the field like exactly they did in the nets. Moreover, Karthik felt Shastri did way above the expectations as India's head coach and quite clearly, his coaching stint was better than his playing days.


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"He (Shastri) had a very low tolerance for somebody who wouldn’t bat at a certain pace he did not like or someone who was doing very differently in the nets and in the match, he would go and bat differently. He would not be very appreciative of that. Shastri knew exactly what he wanted from the team, the way in which it was played, but his tolerance was very little for failures. He always used to push people to do very well," Karthik said at the Cricbuzz's docuseries Summer Stalemate.

"I think Shastri the player was somebody who was probably not as talented but fulfilled his talent as a coach. He did much better than he was expected to do. As a coach, he was a larger-than-life person. He was somebody who pushed players to try and achieve special things."

Shastri's four-year-long tenure as India's head coach came to an end after India's shock exit at the 2021 T20 World Cup in the UAE.

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