IND vs ENG 2022| Shane Watson touts Ashwin as India’s ‘main man’ against Stokes’ England 

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Shane Watson has picked out the battle between Ravichandran Ashwin and Ben Stokes as the key encounter for India against England in Edgbaston for the Test starting Friday. The former all-rounder believes Stokes’ new role will add emphasis to his wicket and thrust Ashwin into the spotlight.

The world of cricket is lining up for a crackling encounter between two of the best sides in the world, drawing opinions from experts across the globe. Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson was the latest to pitch his thoughts on the game, which has substantial stakes attached given the World Test Championship points on offer.

Watson was quick to highlight finger spinner Ravichandran Ashwin’s impressive record against Ben Stokes as a potential key factor in the Test match. The off-spinner has managed to get the better of Stokes 11 times in Tests already, conceding less than 200 runs in the process. The fact that Stokes has scended to the role of captaincy makes his wicket even more crucial according to the Australian.

"The battle that I am really looking forward to is Ashwin and Ben Stokes. Ashwin has had his measure a lot over his career. But now also there is more importance on Ben Stokes' wicket, even more so than ever because he is captain," said Watson in a video on the International Cricket Council's website.

Ashwin was a crucial component in stopping England’s potentially devastating middle order when they toured the subcontinent earlier last year. However, despite his plaudits, the star spinner was left on the bench for all four Tests of the England tour in 2021. 

"In the Australian cricket team, it's always like if we can work over the captain and try and make it a really not so good series for them, then the ship can start to sink a little bit. Ashwin is going to be the main man to try and make the most of that battle. He does match up incredibly well," Watson concluded, further bigging up Ashwin’s role in the encounter.

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