Sachin Tendulkar's record 'insurmountable', states Sunil Gavaskar

Sachin Tendulkar's record 'insurmountable', states Sunil Gavaskar

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Sunil Gavaskar explained why it will be difficult to break Sachin Tendulkar's record.



Sunil Gavaskar is of the opinion that Sachin Tendulkar's record in Test cricket is 'insurmountable' and it will not be easy for Joe Root to go past it. Joe Root is in terrific form for quite some time and many feel that he can break Sachin Tendulkar's record provided he continues his good form.

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batters to have ever played the game. The legendary batter has scored a mind-boggling 15,921 runs in Test cricket which is the highest by any batter ever. Australian great Ricky Ponting and South Africa's Jacques Kallis with over thirteen thousand runs each are the ones who came the closest to him. However, one batter who has made headlines is Joe Root as his rich vein of form has led to a debate about whether he will be the one to break Sachin's record in Test cricket.

Former India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar weighed in on the debate and feels that Sachin Tendulkar's record in Test cricket is "insurmountable". He is of the opinion that Joe Root can break Tendulkar's record but it is not going to be easy. 

"That is an insurmountable record because we are talking about another almost 6000 runs, which means you would have to score about 1000 runs or 800 runs over the next 8 years for you to get there. Joe Root has got age on his side (31 years old). He certainly can (break the record) if he can maintain that enthusiasm and go on" Sunil Gavaskar said while speaking with India Today.

He also recalled Alastair Cook's performance during his peak and with Joe Root also playing around the clock can take a toll on his mental state.

"Alastair Cook retired but he is still playing first-class cricket. Sometimes, if you are playing around the clock, your form can also drop because there is mental tiredness that comes in. Root is scoring 150+ scores but it can take a toll on him, mentally and physically."

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