Jude Bellingham is future of English football to come for next 15 years, gushes Declan Rice

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England star Declan Rice admitted that he has been incredibly impressed by Jude Bellingham and thinks that the 19-year-old is the future of English football for at least the next fifteen years. The starlet has won more than a few plaudits over the last few years, thriving for club and country.

With England struggling for depth in midfield during the recent international break, Gareth Southgate handed Jude Bellingham a chance to thrive and the midfielder took it. The 19-year-old has featured for the Three Lions regularly in the past but has never had a first-team berth to himself which gave him the chance to show his talent and skills. It has seen praise fly in from every corner of the world on the 19-year-old with Bellingham’s stock soaring during the break.

That combined with his performances despite poor England showings against Italy and Germany has stunned more than a few fans although Borussia Dortmund fans will attest to the consistency of those. Amongst those shocked was Declan Rice as the West Ham midfielder admitted that he hasn’t “seen anyone as good as he is for 19” and that Bellingham has the whole package. The England star also added that in his opinion the midfield star is England’s future. 

“I don't think I've seen anyone as good as he (Jude Bellingham) is for 19. I look at a lot of 19-year-olds, whether it's at a club, around the world, around the country. To have the whole package is a hard thing … and I feel like he's got that,” Rice said, reported Goal.

"Every time I play with Jude, we're building that connection and I say to him: 'You go and bomb on and do your attacking stuff and I'll sit here and defend for you'. So we're getting that good connection, he's great to play with. Hopefully, he keeps flourishing. He's the future of English football to come for the next 15 years.”

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