Nova88 Deposit: Methods, Limits, Bonus, How to Make, Step by Step Guide







Nova88 is a very popular casino gambling and online sports betting platform in India because of its various advantages. This betting service is user-friendly since it offers a choice of the most popular deposit and withdrawal options in India. Create a Nova88 account today to receive a 100% welcome bonus on sports wagers up to Rs. 5,000!

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Nova88 Deposit Methods for India

You may discover a variety of payment methods on the Nova88 website that you may use to fill out your account and make payments. Given that they are all commonly used in India, chances are good that you are familiar with one of the options. The following payment methods are regularly used by Indian gamers to top up their accounts and make cash withdrawals:

  • PayTm;
  • UPI;
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Visa / Mastercard;
  • AstroPay;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Google Pay;
  • And many other deposit methods.

What Is the Minimum Deposit at Nova88?

The minimum deposit amount at the Nova88 betting site is often 300 Rs., and the money should be in your account right away even though most transactions are handled quickly. The most popular deposit options are shown in the table below:

Payment Method

Minimum Deposit Amount


300 Rs


300 Rs


8,000 Rs


300 Rs


300 Rs

Visa / Mastercard;

300 Rs


300 Rs


300 Rs

Google Pay

300 Rs

Minimum Deposit Amount at the Nova88 App

Whether or whether you utilize the Nova88 app, the minimum deposit requirement and permitted payment methods remain the same. The table above shows that 300 Rs. is the minimum deposit that may be made. If some bonuses and promotions are only accessible through the Nova88 mobile app, you might need to make a deposit.

First Deposit Bonus

At Nova88, the welcome bonus is 100% up to 5,000 Rs. on your first deposit. The minimum deposit required is 300 Rs. The rollover requirement is only applied to bets that win or lose. In the event that the odds are less than 1.7 (Decimal odd), 0.7 (China odd), 0.7 (Malaysian positive odd), -1.43 (Indo odd), or -143, betting on both even chances at once will not satisfy this condition (US odd). Bonuses are still valid for thirty days after being awarded. If conditions are not met within the allotted period, bonus money will be taken from the member's account.

How to Deposit Money to the Nova88 Account?

To successfully deposit money into your Nova88 account, adhere to the exact instructions stated below.

  1. Open an account or register for one. Click the link or sign in with your current login details to sign up and get a bonus;
  2. Find the deposit area. The top-right corner must contain the deposit section. To go on to the next step, click the appropriate button;
  3. Select a method of deposit. To make a deposit into your account, select a deposit option from the list and follow the on-screen instructions;
  4. Make a deposit. Click "Deposit" after selecting the amount you want to add to your account and providing any other information needed for the transaction;
  5. Congratulations, you have successfully made a deposit into your account at Nova88.

Deposit via UPI

You may fund your Nova88 account by following the steps listed below using any of the popular payment options in India, such UPI:

  1. To go to the following step, find and click the deposit area in the top-right corner;
  2. To deposit money into your account, follow the on-screen instructions after selecting your deposit choice. After that, a list of your deposit options should appear;
  3. Select "Deposit" and enter the sum you want to deposit into your account after completing the form and signing in using your UPI virtual payment address;
  4. Congratulations, you were successful in depositing money at Nova88 utilizing the UPI payment method!

Deposit via PhonePe

To use PhonePe, one of the preferred payment methods in India, to finance a Nova88 account, complete the steps listed below:

  1. Click the button next to the deposit area, which must be in the top-right corner, to go to the next step;
  2. Following that, a list of all the available deposit options ought to show up;
  3. Select the amount of money you wish to deposit, type in your PhonePe ID and any other necessary data, and click "Deposit";
  4. Great job on using PhonePe to successfully finance your Nova88 account!

Deposit via Google Pay

You may deposit money at Nova88 using any of the generally accepted payment options in India, including Google Pay, according to the instructions provided below.

  1. Click the arrow next to the deposit area, which must be in the top-right corner, to proceed to the next step;
  2. After choosing a payment method, follow the on-screen instructions to fund your account. Next, you should consider your deposit options;
  3. After entering your name, Google Pay number, and any other required information, choose the amount of money you wish to put into your account, and then click "Deposit";
  4. Congratulations on using Google Pay to add money to your Nova88 account.

Deposit via PayTM

You may fund your Nova88 account by completing the steps below and using one of the commonly accepted payment methods in India, such as PayTm:

  1. Press the button in the top-right corner of the deposit area to go to the next stage;
  2. To add money to your account, choose a payment method and adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen. A list of your deposit selections ought to appear after that;
  3. Decide how much money you want to deposit into your account, enter your PayTm ID and any other information that is required, and then click "Deposit";
  4. Congratulations on using PayTm to successfully fund your Nova88 account!

Deposit With Debit Cards

By following the guidelines listed below, you may fund your Nova88 account using any of the well-known payment methods:

  1. To go to the following step, click the button in the top-right corner of the deposit area;
  2. After you've decided, follow the funding guidelines listed on the website. Following that, a list of your deposit alternatives ought to show up;
  3. Select the amount of money you want to deposit into your account, provide the required details (such as your debit card number), and click "Deposit";
  4. Well done on utilizing a debit card to successfully fund your Nova88 account!

What Is the Standard Deposit Time at Nova88?

Nova88 typically processes deposits quickly. Please be patient even though it might just take one business day or it might take up to three. Since most transactions are completed quickly, your money should be available as soon as you make a deposit to the betting site Nova88.

Nova88 Deposit Limits

Unlike certain deposit options, Nova88 does not have transaction limitations. Depending on the bank and the nation, there can be a cap on the amount you can deposit with a credit card or debit card into your Nova88 account. Prior to making a deposit, you should be aware of the limits because they may change based on the payment method you select.

Nova88 Deposit Summary

Sportscafe accepts the same payment options as the casino and sports betting platforms of Nova88. You'll surely conclude after looking at the deposit alternatives that it provides a lot of advantages, including the availability of a big number of recognized payment methods in India, quick deposit processing, and simplicity. Nova88's dependability and security are significantly increased by the aforementioned factors, and the wonderful deposit alternatives offered by the website are also improved. It makes sense that one of the key factors in Indian players' decision to use Nova88 as their favorite sports betting and casino gaming site is the fantastic deposit options it offers.


Despite the detailed description on this page, the deposit options at the sports betting and casino website Nova88 may still be unclear. If so, please refer to the list of frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions about deposits, get in touch with Nova88 customer care.

Can I Use the Nova88 Deposit Bonus Twice?

No, you cannot. According to the Terms & Conditions, you may only use the Nova88 welcome bonus once. It is not practical to use the bonus more than once, hence it can only be used once. The Nova88 policies forbid opening a second account just to benefit from the bonus.

Can I Make Deposits in Rupees in Nova88?

Yes, you definitely can. Nova88 accepts several different international currencies, including Indian Rupees. All that is needed to do is choose a payment method, input any necessary transactional data, and complete the deposit after choosing the location and payment type.

Can I Make Deposits in Any Currency and Then Convert It to Rupees in My Nova88 Account?

No, you certainly cannot. Take your time selecting your currency because you cannot alter it after enrolling. This must be kept in mind since, if it isn't, the exchange rate may cause the consumer to lose money.

Do I Need to Use the Deposit Method Only In My Own Name at the Nova88 Account?

Yes, you do. Only utilize personal payment methods if the Nova88 KYC procedure requires it. Additionally, as identification verification is carried out for your security, you must utilize payment methods that are in your name.

Can I Add More Than One Debit Card at Nova88?

Yes, you most definitely can. Nova88 should accept debit cards as long as they are in the cardholder's name unless otherwise specified. Just choose your preferred debit card and complete the purchase.