The Best Sports Betting Sites and Apps With Crypto in India

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The rise in popularity of Bitcoin in the second half of 2017 prompted bookmakers to make cryptocurrencies a payment option. Nowadays, numerous online betting platforms offer customers an opportunity to deposit or withdraw money using more than 10 blockchain options. Read the Sportscafe review to understand the mechanism of payments using cryptocurrencies and learn how to create and manage these transactions.

Sites with The Best Choice of Deposit Methods

The Best Betting Sites With the Greatest Choice of Payment Methods in India

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Top 10 Betting Sites That Accept Crypto as a Payment Method

About 97.5 million people in India owned various cryptocurrencies in 2022 to profit from the exchange rate growth or store money in an encrypted wallet. Sportscafe has discovered blockchain-based payment systems in the below top 10 football betting sites and cricket betting sites:

  1. Parimatch;
  2. 1win;
  3. Melbet;
  4. Dafabet;
  5. MegaPari;
  6. 888starz;
  7. Mostbet;
  8. Odds96;
  9. Indibet;
  10. 1xbet.

Moreover, the bookies allow you to make transactions using a single platform for different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

Top 10 Betting Apps That Accept Crypto as a Payment Method

Making cryptocurrency transactions using your mobile gadget will help you monitor the payment status in the blockchain using various financial apps. At the same time, crypto deposits and withdrawals are available in the following cricket betting apps and football betting apps:

  1. Parimatch App;
  2. 1win App;
  3. Melbet App;
  4. Dafabet App;
  5. MegaPari App;
  6. 888starz App;
  7. Mostbet App;
  8. Odds96 App;
  9. Indibet App;
  10. 1xbet App.

Besides, each payment with cryptocurrency receives a unique hash to encrypt the information of the transaction, protecting the sender and receiver details.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are a modern alternative to electronic payments, improving the privacy and authenticity of transactions through blockchain technology. Many countries have recognized cryptocurrencies as a legal payment method or financial asset to regulate such transactions. In addition, the system has advanced cryptographic algorithms to protect your electronic or flash drive wallet.

Is It Legal to Buy and Use Cryptocurrency?

The government in India still needs to define the legal status of cryptocurrencies for buying, selling or transferring assets. Thus, you can use BTC, USDT or other tokens in transactions without legal problems. However, the Indian Revenue Service may require you to pay a 30% tax on the cryptocurrency gains, if any.

Benefits of Online Betting with Cryptocurrencies

The diversity of cryptocurrencies in the world enables bettors to find the optimal tokens to deposit funds or withdraw money to their wallets to explore options for bets or play casino games. Moreover, the payment method also contains the following benefits:

  • Automatic deposit detection when the money arrives in the bookmaker's cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Possibility to convert the tokens to rupees;
  • No commission for the transactions;
  • Choice of the selected currencies to get the same transaction speed, etc.

Some bookmakers have developed cryptocurrency balances for sportsbooks and casinos to eliminate the need for conversion to use the service.

List of the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies Used for Betting

Over the 14 years of cryptocurrency existence, people have identified promising tokens by researching transfer times, exchange rate stability, and processing fees. The list below shows the currently popular  methods of paying bets:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Ethereum (ETH);
  • Tether (USDT);
  • Solana (SOL);
  • Ripple (XRP);
  • NEAR and so on.

The bettors or gamblers can buy stable coins linked to the price of the traditional assets to minimize the conversion cost into Indian rupees, like USDT, Binance USD and Dai.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cryptocurrencies for Betting

The number of cryptocurrency users worldwide has increased by more than 8,000% since 2016, reaching around 400 million people today due to the advantages of this payment method. Nevertheless, examining the positive and negative aspects is crucial before using coins.


  • It is widespread in India;
  • Hindi-language interface to perform payments on some platforms;
  • No need to verify your account;
  • One of the most secure transaction systems;
  • Possibility to turn your e-wallet into a physical one and others.


  • No ability to restore access to the wallet;
  • Various speeds and fees of over Rs 300 for completing transactions., etc.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

The citizens of India can buy cryptocurrency without any limits on the official local and international exchange platforms. It is essential to use only the below methods to get the cryptocurrencies to avoid fraud:

  • The online exchanger with an automatic system to sell or buy coins for rupees;
  • Trading platforms;
  • Cryptocurrency section in the banking applications, and so on.

The clients of the cryptocurrency exchange also get the opportunity to convert one coin into another by trading services to find the optimum conversion rate.

How to Fill a Cryptocurrencies Wallet?

Each cryptocurrency wallet relies on different blockchain protocols you need to know to refill your balance or transfer money. In addition, the user must stick to the following steps to deposit the encrypted wallets:

  1. Open the sending account. Enter the cryptocurrency wallet login details to access the sender balance;
  2. Specify the configurations for the transaction. Select a wallet with the same cryptocurrency and blockchain protocol as the recipient and enter the transfer amount.;
  3. Confirm the payment. Complete the transaction approval procedure using the security codes;
  4. Check your balance. The beneficiary's wallet can receive money from 5 minutes to several hours.

Besides, Ethereum on the ERC-20 protocol allows you to determine the reward for cryptocurrency miners, affecting the transfer speed for a particular transaction.

Depositing with Cryptocurrencies

The bookmakers use a unique system to handle cryptocurrency deposits, fixing the exchange rate of a particular coin into Indian rupees. You need to follow the below top-up instructions to understand how to recharge your betting balance:

  1. Log in to the sportsbook profile. Enter the account options;
  2. Go to the payment methods. Open the top-up systems;
  3. Choose cryptocurrency. Select a desired token to deposit and input the amount;
  4. Send the money. Use the wallet address in the popping-up window to transfer your coins;
  5. Await the receipt of the funds. Wait for the blockchain system to process the payment.

Betting companies interact with high-tech platforms with API connections to accept payments, enabling clients with cryptocurrencies to play the first game or place bets quickly.

Withdrawing with Cryptocurrencies

Sometimes, you will also find the bookies offering to transfer funds from your sportsbook balance to the cryptocurrency wallet free of commissions. The following guide will describe the stages of getting money using blockchain-based methods:

  1. Go to the payments section of the profile. Open the account cashier;
  2. Pick the preferred method. Click on one of the cryptocurrencies;
  3. Insert your wallet address. Enter the desired amount and open your cryptocurrency balance to copy the requisites;
  4. Confirm receipt of the coins. The tokens will appear within 6 hours, depending on the chosen cryptocurrency and the bookie's policy.

It is necessary to pay attention to the token protocol to copy the correct wallet address as there is a high chance of no refund if the transaction is successful at the wrong destination.

Transaction Money from Indian Banks to Cryptocurrencies

Technically, Indian banks can accept payments and send money to cryptocurrency exchange platforms because the companies have legal status in India, making the transactions in the interbank system. Nevertheless, it is necessary to perform the below actions:

  1. Enter the online exchanger. Open the website and log in to your verified account;
  2. Specify the transfer parameters. Choose the type and input the number of coins you want to buy or sell for rupees;
  3. Type in the payment details. Indicate your bank account info;
  4. Approve the transaction. Confirm the payment to another bank account.

The exchange platform for crypto coins will also show the status of the cash transfer to your cryptocurrency wallet after you pay the operation fee.

Safe and Secure Betting with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, which stores in an encrypted archive all the information about billions of transactions over the entire existence of the chain. In this case, the financial method assumes the following security features:

  • Two-factor authentication process to create new transactions;
  • Hidden details about the payment sides;
  • Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) to regulate usage and storage requirements for companies interacting with coins, etc.

You should also differentiate between the investment and payment roles of cryptocurrencies to focus primarily on stable betting tokens.

Other Betting Sites that Accept Crypto

With the development of Web3 technology and metaverses, cricket betting and football betting platforms started introducing cryptocurrency funding options to follow the technology trends. The following list shows other bookmakers offering to make payments using crypto coins:

Furthermore, bettors should choose reliable IPL betting sites or IPL betting apps from Sportscafe reviews to eliminate the risk of losing money.

The Best Alternative Payment Methods for Online Betting

Some bookies are still skeptical about cryptocurrencies preferring traditional online payment methods. However, you will find below alternatives to blockchain financial systems with similar efficiency:

On the other hand, the methods in the list above have a refund system or automatic filling of financial requisites without investment, like Gpay.

SportsCafe Verdict

Sportscafe recommends using cryptocurrencies as a financial vehicle if you prefer security over transaction speed. Besides, you must avoid buying cryptocurrencies from unreliable online or physical exchangers for online betting because of the high risk of fraud. In conclusion, cryptocurrencies are a convenient system for payments to bookies without Indian bank accounts, maintaining an automatic approval of deposits.


The cryptocurrencies' popularity in online services makes it helpful to know the answers to common questions about the system for placing bets and general use. Ask other questions in the below comment section to find out specific details about the payment method.

Is Cryptocurrency Legal in India?

Yes, cryptocurrency is legal in India. Nonetheless, the Reserve Bank of India has not recognized the tokens as an official payment system for transactions till the beginning of 2023.

Is Cryptocurrency the Future?

Yes, cryptocurrency is the future. One proof of this argument is implementation of this financial method for payments in Facebook's metaverse and Web3 projects.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Cryptocurrency creates transactions within a blockchain with an automated system to ensure transparency and security. The betting platforms' customers can use virtual coins to deposit their balances via encrypted online or flash drive wallets.

How to Do Cryptocurrency Trading?

Buy the tokens for rupees in the online exchanger, indicating the crypto wallet as the destination for the coins to start trading. After that, select the desired token pair on the cryptocurrency exchange platform to determine the best opportunity to buy or sell your coins.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

Yes, cryptocurrencies are safe. Nevertheless, you must store your tokens with reliable e-wallet providers or cryptocurrency exchanges with customer service numbers or live chats.

Which Cryptocurrency is the Best?

Each cryptocurrency has a different purpose and features, making it difficult to define the best option. However, the list of popular cryptocurrencies in the review includes speculative tokens with highly volatile rates and stable coins suitable for storing money or conducting transactions.