The Best Betting Sites and Apps With Google Pay Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

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The dominance of smartphones with Android OS and the prevalence of NFC sensors in many devices have made Google Pay one of the leading online payment systems in India. Moreover, the direct subordination of Gpay to the world-renowned corporation brings users advanced technological solutions in security and transaction processing time. Learn the information in this Sportscafe review to learn how to use Google Pay and remember the contact details of the customer care department.

Sites with The Best Choice of Deposit Methods

The Best Betting Sites With the Greatest Choice of Payment Methods in India

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Top 10 Betting Sites That Accept Google Pay as a Payment Method

Connecting GPay to the Chrome browser when launching online sportsbook platforms enables bettors to enter banking information automatically without losing security. You can discover Google Pay on the following popular football betting sites and cricket betting sites:

  1. Parimatch;
  2. 1win;
  3. Melbet;
  4. Dafabet;
  5. MegaPari;
  6. 888starz;
  7. Mostbet;
  8. Odds96;
  9. Indibet;
  10. 1xbet.

The popularity of Gmail as the primary mailbox for Indian customers reduces the time it takes to create a Gpay account to start placing bets or playing different games.

Top 10 Betting Apps That Accept Google Pay as a Payment Method

The football betting apps and cricket betting apps often integrate Google Pay to recommend customers deposit and pay out winnings from casino games or sports bets using this financial method, thanks to its reliability. It is possible to choose the Gpay system for a transaction in the mobile apps of the below top-10 bookmakers:

  1. Parimatch App;
  2. 1win App;
  3. Melbet App;
  4. Dafabet App;
  5. MegaPari App;
  6. 888starz App;
  7. Mostbet App;
  8. Odds96 App;
  9. Indibet App;
  10. 1xbet App.

Regardless of the internal restrictions on the app deposit amounts, Google Pay has a minimum limit of 1 Rs per transaction for clients in India.

Benefits of Online Betting with Google Pay

Google Pay has gained a place in the top-3 best UPI payment methods, with 220 million users in India enjoying the stable work of the platform. Furthermore, the financial system has the following specific benefits for bettors:

  • Instant accrual of the funds to the IPL apps and IPL betting sites;
  • Zero commission for transactions;
  • Minimum deposits of 300 INR;
  • Handling payments in Indian rupees without conversion, and others.

At the same time, the GPay system assigns identifiers to each transaction to help both bookies and clients check the transfer status anytime.

Supported Payment Methods of Google Pay

The hybrid payment processing system at Google Pay allows users to choose a convenient transaction system in India. In addition, the platform offers the below financial methods for sending rupees within and outside India:

It is also essential to note that GPay has a UPI ID option to receive money only to the default bank account in your profile details.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Payment Method for Betting

Sportscafe has revealed various advantages of the payment system from Google concerning speed and information safety. However, it is also crucial to consider the platform's downsides to minimize the problems.


  • Rewarding betting companies and customers for significant amounts of transactions;
  • Free of commissions to deposit funds;
  • No need to have physical cards to pay;
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices;
  • Fast electronic verification and others.


  • Gpay limit of 1,00,000 Indian rupees or 10 payments per day;
  • A small number of ways to recharge your balance and so on.

3 Steps to Create an Account

If you already have a Gmail account, the payment platform will ask you to log in and configure a profile to make payments. The new users must perform the below actions to get a GPay account in less than 4 minutes:

  • Step 1: Go to the platform. Open the Google website and start registration;
  • Step 2: Enter the profile details. Type in the personal information and create a Google Pay login data;
  • Step 3: Activate the account. Input the OTP code arriving at your phone number to get the profile.

You can also use the two-factor authentication option to access your account only with one-tap approval on the linked mobile device.

Other Betting Sites that Accept Google Pay

Gpay is currently the second largest platform for UPI payments in India, with about 34% of all online financial transactions for 2022 going through the system. The customers of the following other cricket betting and football betting platforms will get the opportunity to withdraw winnings or top up their balances with Google Pay:

Moreover, many payment system users point out the convenience of making Google Pay transfers thanks to indicating a UPI ID or scanning a QR code to send money quickly.

Start Betting with Google Pay

The platform provides fast deposits of customers' money into the wallets in the sportsbooks without investments to pay fees. At the same time, the automatic input of necessary banking information saves live bettors time, enabling them to place instant bets.

Step-by-Step Guide of Opening a Google Pay Account

Google has optimized the GPay account registration procedure to take a few minutes to complete in some stages. The instructions contain the following steps on how to open a GPay account for an Indian client:

  1. Enter the Google website. Access the official site;
  2. Sign up for a Google Pay account. Press the Register button;
  3. Create the profile information. Enter your valid identity info and create an email and password;
  4. Verify the profile data. Complete the KYC verification to activate the profile.

The system has a feature to inform bookmakers to recommend you use Google Pay as a payment method if you have an opened account.

Step-by-Step Guide of Funding Your Google Pay

Before using Google Pay to credit the sportsbook balance with rupees to place bets, bettors must add funding methods. You can follow the below guide to attach some payment systems to your GPay wallet:

  1. Access your profile. Sign in to the Google Pay account;
  2. Choose the payment method. Select the necessary financial method;
  3. Enter the valid details. Indicate your card or bank account information, confirming the attachment with the OTP code from the received SMS message;
  4. Check the method. Try to deposit your betting wallet with the linked system.

Each payment will appear in the activity history of your Google Pay balance to show extended transaction info without the need to use a hotline number to contact the support department in India.

Depositing with Google Pay

The payment system has designed the depositing algorithm to become understandable after the first transaction to start placing bets or playing a game. It is necessary to follow the below sequence of steps to fund your Google Pay wallet for placing bets:

  1. Log in to your sportsbook account. Enter the betting profile;
  2. Select GPay for the deposit. Choose the appropriate payment method to top up your balance;
  3. Type in the required information. Indicate the Google Pay number, email and account holder name;
  4. Complete the deposit. Insert the UTR code of the successful payment.

In addition, Google Pay can add several users of the balance to share the wallet with friends or different Gmail accounts.

Withdrawing with Google Pay

If you want to collect via Google pay your winnings from successful bets or casino games, the payment method will provide bookies with a reliable and prompt way to transfer funds. You need to perform the following instruction to withdraw the rupees with GPay:

  1. Enter your profile on the website. Log in to the betting account;
  2. Click on the payout option. Select Google Pay to withdraw the money;
  3. Input the payment details. Type in the GPay wallet requisites;
  4. Check the balance in your financial account. Open the balance on the payment platform to update the wallet.

However, the particularities of the bookmakers' payout processing will directly impact the waiting period to receive cash.

Transaction Money from Indian Banks to Google Pay

Indian banks have partnered with Google Pay for about 4 years, making fast payments thanks to the platform's automated transaction provision system. Nevertheless, the users must stick to the below algorithm using the banking method:

  1. Go to the Google Pay account. Enter the profile options;
  2. Select the bank transfer method. Open the system to recharge the Gpay balance with Indian banks;
  3. Indicate the details of the transaction. Copy and paste the electronic wallet requisites;
  4. Wait for the money to arrive. The funds will credit your balance within seconds.

Many GPay customers take advantage of the unique ability to transfer funds directly to their sportsbook balance without topping their e-wallets.

Google Pay-Allowed Indian Banks

The National Pay Corporation of India has authorized Google Pay to work with several local banks to create transactions. The list of available banking options for use in payments includes the following institutions:

  • HDFC Bank;
  • Axis Bank;
  • ICICI Bank;
  • State Bank of India, and so on.

If you try to pay using other banks' IFSC codes, the system will reject the transaction and return the money to your balance.

Safe and Secure Betting with Google Pay

You will get multi-layered protection with one of the most advanced security infrastructures to keep your profile safe. The following measures ensure a high level of account and payment control:

  • Requesting a PIN or fingerprint before making a transaction;
  • Distant account block or erasing personal information if you lose the device;
  • The company secures financial data on encrypted servers and others.

Any customer can also explore GPay security news with statistics on detected vulnerabilities and an explanation of the latest implementations.

The Best Other Alternative Payment Methods for Online Betting

Some bookmakers prefer different alternatives to GPay because of bettors' preferences and varying financial system possibilities. Thus, you will find the following payment platforms among the financial options of betting companies:

Nonetheless, some payment methods require users to send screenshots of a successful transaction for deposit approval.

Google Pay Customer Care Number and Support

The key benefits of the Google Pay support service are a 24/7 customer care number availability and choosing the preferred language to solve the problem. Furthermore, you can use the following GPay customer care number below and other contact information to get help:

  • GPay Helpline number: 1-800-419-0157;
  • Email: [email protected];
  • FAQ section;
  • Contact form, etc.

The Help Centre in the support section of the GPay platform has many links to direct you to specific options from the guides with the possibility of requesting more information through contact methods.


The sceptical readers can learn more about the functionality of Google Pay from the answers to frequently asked questions giving extensive information about how to use specific features of Gpay. At the same time, the comments section below allows you to ask questions to obtain detailed insights into how to change the name in GPay and other aspects.

What is UPI ID in Google Pay?

The Google Pay UPI ID technology allows you to share banking information without sharing bank account details. Thus, you can configure up to 4 identifiers for each payment method.

What is VPA in Google Pay?

The virtual payment address (VPA) helps Google Pay users to receive and send money without email or bank account numbers. Moreover, GPay transactions between banks using VPAs are free of charge and available on weekends and holidays.

Where is UPI ID in Google Pay?

The Google Pay UPI ID features in the official mobile application. Customers can also change their UPI ID of a bank account to a registered phone number.

Is Google Pay Safe?

Yes, Google Pay is safe. The company invests over 10,00,00,000 Rs annually to improve transaction and account security by identifying vulnerabilities.

Why is Google Pay not Working?

Google Pay will only work if you have linked payment methods to your financial account. In addition, the system will refuse to make payments on the detection of an empty balance or invalid Indian banks.

How Google Pay Works?

The platform provides payments from an electronic wallet, linked bank accounts, or debit and credit cards. Nevertheless, each method for financial transactions needs verification before application.

What is the Limit of Google Pay?

Gpay has a maximum daily amount limit per customer of 1,00,000 INR. Besides, you cannot exceed more than 10 transactions a day.

Does Google Pay Work Internationally?

Yes, the payment system belongs directly to the multinational corporation. Thus, Google Pay clients can use the Indian hotline number and transfer money into and out of India.

Is Google Pay International?

Yes, Google Pay is an international platform for financial transactions. The bettors can deposit money into their GPay wallets on the betting platforms with headquarters in Curacao without fees.