WATCH | Alejandro Grimaldo stuns Maccabi Haifa with jaw-dropping goal of the season contender

WATCH | Alejandro Grimaldo stuns Maccabi Haifa with jaw-dropping goal of the season contender

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Having spent most of the first-half battling Maccabi Haifa, Benfica finally woke up in the second half with Rafa Silva opening the scoring via an assist from Alejandro Grimaldo. However, it was the left-back’s goal less than seven minutes later that stunned not just the away fans but the world.

Despite dominating both possession and shots on goal in the first-half, Benfica still ended the first 45 minutes with just one shot on target as Maccabi Haifa did well enough to keep them out. The away side were organised, compacted space in the midfield and refused to allow Benfica’s best creative talents the chance or the space to work their magic. That, however, changed almost immediately into the second half as Rafa Silva volleyed a beautiful Alejandro Grimaldo cross into the net.


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The goal came less than five minutes after the restart and yet it wasn’t even close to the best bit of play from a man in that red Benfica shirt. That would come less than seven minutes after Silva’s goal as Maccabi only half-clear a Benfica cross and it falls very cleanly for Alejandro Grimaldo on the far left. The left-back strides forward, takes exactly three touches and with no one in a white kit pressing him or attempting to defend him, he decides to shoot.

From no less than 28 yards out, left-back Alejandro Grimaldo decides to put his left-foot through the ball and sends a jaw-droppingly incredible effort at goal. It dips and curls into the back of the net via the slightest kiss off the underside of the crossbar and left goalkeeper Joshua Cohen haplessly trying to stop it. He knew he had no chance but never realized it until the ball hit the net and he was forced to watch it fly beyond him.

Has Alejandro Grimaldo scored the Goal of the Season already? He has.

Told you....

Everyone agrees.

Ridiculous doesn't even come close to describing it.

Once more, because it's just that good!!

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