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From Grosics to Neuer - The evolution of sweeper keepers in modern football

Football is a game that has been changing constantly and it is quite evident when one compares the equipment, the formations, and the roles of years gone by.
Manu Jagan
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Tactical Analysis | How Italy nearly pulled off a miracle against the mighty Germans

The curse is broken and the streak is over! Germany have finally defeated Italy in a competitive match, albeit via penalties, to book their place in the semis of the Euro.
Amlan Majumdar
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Euro XI v Copa America XI | Who would win the battle of the greats?

Ever wondered who would have come out on the top if the Copa team was pitted against the best team from Euro? Here’s a sneak preview into who makes the cut for the best of the best.
Utkarsh Arora
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Who has been the best goalkeeper in Europe this season?

Suprotim Gupta